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Battle for Middle Earth

Major vs Stonelord, 2 furn

#1.bAgr  Apr 13 2006, 16:44 PM -
This was a very good show of my clanmate's 2 furnace strat, vs an excellent player.

uruks,pikes,wargs,xbows,ballista and heroes vs all of gondor's units...

review pls smile.gif
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#2StoneLord  Apr 13 2006, 17:12 PM -
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QUOTE(.bAgr @ Apr 13 2006, 05:44 PM) *

vs an excellent player.

wub.gif Thanks but I don't think i'm that good. blush.gif

It was a great game though.
#3Major  Apr 13 2006, 17:13 PM -
hehe you almost beat Soul.

Watched this one, was great.
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#4StoneLord  Apr 13 2006, 17:26 PM -
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Sadly in all of my three games against Soul I have lost. sad.gif Two of them were close though.
#5Major  Apr 13 2006, 17:27 PM -
keep it up, you will be great with a little more practice wub.gif
#6StoneLord  Apr 13 2006, 17:36 PM -
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Thanks for encouragement Major. wub.gif
#7Major  Apr 13 2006, 22:02 PM -
btw watched it again, I think we'll have a funny debate after the review (when it comes)...

#8Ranger  Apr 13 2006, 22:12 PM -
i will watch smile.gif

i am very interested in isengard strats vs gondor early biggrin.gif
#9Major  Apr 13 2006, 22:15 PM -
I bet 100$ I know what you'll say on the first sentence (posted in the admin room).
#10Ranger  Apr 14 2006, 01:23 AM -
This was a most appropriate strat, and it was a highly enjoyable game. (betcha didnt see that coming major tongue.gif)

gg, i like that strat. it has ist couter strat (soldier thru mid, hobbit along top, soldier to get farms) however.
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