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Battle for Middle Earth

Dinn vs [WISE]Major

#1Dinn  Mar 20 2006, 09:48 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
Well, id prefer the other game that me and Major played, but he said to post this so uhm, i dunno...

RRs be the judge of this tongue.gif

I might post the other game if Major wants to... cuz both sides had a better footing on the other game...this one was 1 sided after the insane fight in the Isen base laugh.gif

wub.gif Major wub.gif[attachmentid=82497]
#2Major  Mar 20 2006, 09:50 AM -
Tried the hedgehog strat, went astray...

was very good imo.
#3Dinn  Mar 22 2006, 08:31 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
well, i think it was ok to bump when it hits 2nd page without a say from an RR...so...

#4IVERSON  Mar 22 2006, 13:24 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
MINE but it will take 1-2 days becuase i have 2 other reveiws i have to get thrue first one of yours and another. But if any other RR's want this go right ahead.
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#5Axcell  Mar 22 2006, 17:01 PM -
Dan, sleep.gif

Try to review the oldest reps first,
Or else Daemonette will kick your * laugh.gif
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#6Major  Mar 22 2006, 17:37 PM -
this is one of the oldest reps wink.gif
#7Axcell  Mar 22 2006, 19:03 PM -
There are still many reps of early march, especially team reps.

You really post/play good games Major and every RR likes to review them, but some games are waiting longer to get reviewed
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#8Major  Mar 22 2006, 19:12 PM -
my mistake then.
#9IVERSON  Mar 22 2006, 23:24 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
My bad biggrin.gif ill reveiw this now and will start doing some of the older reps on the second page. smile.gif
#10IVERSON  Mar 23 2006, 03:04 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:

Reveiw By: DanTheDangerous.

Map: Fords of isen
Duration: Medium
Version: 1.03
[WISE]MAJ0R-Isengard vs Dinn-rohan


PowerPoint Proggression: Warchant, Palantir, Industry, Raint, Tainted Land.
Build Order: uruki Pit, Furnace X6, Warg cage, (demo warg cage), Armoury, (Demo Furnace), Seige works.
Strat: Hedgehog strat - Wargs


smile.gif Good use of formation's on Uruki.
smile.gif Good early harrasement with Uruki.
smile.gif Good use of Berserkers to protect pikes.
smile.gif Combined Pikes and x-bows for bonus.
smile.gif Ran almost dead sqauds of units away to rechage.
smile.gif Good PP selection


sad.gif Lost lurts (x3)
sad.gif Used tainted land lait game only to have it counterd by EW (Elven wodd)


You played a ok game. Wasint the best I have seen you play, but once again you lost to dinn who was using the same strat. You had overal exelent micro and macro smile.gif. next time you play dinn i sudgest keep doing what your doing (except wargs lol) , but try to get those creeps before his theo can by making a few berzerkers to rush them (not sure but how good are berzerkers against those warg creeps) . And try to get Seige first 2-3 ballistas then get armoury. So then you can cripple his theo and kill him with trebs. And at the same time protect those beloved trebs with pikes.

Overal raiting for [WISE]MAJOR- 7


PowerPoint Proggression: Draft, Heal, Anduril, Cloud Breaker, Elven Wood.
Build Order: Farm x4, Stable, Farm, (Demo stable), Archery Range, (Demo Farm), Well
Strat: Same BO as here.


smile.gif Made extra peasents from base.
smile.gif Fast creeping with Peasents/Rohirm.
smile.gif Got GC (Game winner).
smile.gif Used EW over his TL.
smile.gif Good PP selection.


sad.gif Missed money at a creep.
sad.gif Lost Theoden before you could use GC. (While seiging)


GG Dinn. Once again you prevaild over the mighty MAJOR biggrin.gif. Whith your amazing micro and macro you "easly" took this one made small mistakes that barely matter but "HEY" nobodys perfect, Only next to perfect wub.gif Dinn wub.gif. Gj at keeping your aragorn close to your Peasents/Yeomen for LD bonus. It seemed like a tough one around the beggining and mid game but once you got GC you had this for sure. Keep up the good work.

Overal rank for Dinn: 8


A must whatch if your a begginer or moderate player. Lots to learn from in this rep. It was a intesnse Beggining and middle you could actualy smell the talent in the air wub.gif. But once Dinn got GC (Game winner) it was all over for Major. One of these times Major is gonig to get the win biggrin.gif.

Ps-Going wargs so early IMO didint help mutch, Upgrades Or seige works before them is IMO a better option.

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