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Battle for Middle Earth

Rohan/Mordor vs Gondor/Gondor

#1Arweeen  Mar 17 2006, 17:51 PM -
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Hi guys

this is a very entertaining game

watch it , enjoy it and post what do you think

i promise you will enjoy it

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#2Daemon  Mar 25 2006, 23:24 PM -
#3Death_2_Them  Mar 29 2006, 07:03 AM -
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#4Death_2_Them  Mar 29 2006, 18:18 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
XSworDx (Rohan) + Maschi (Mordor) Vs Steiny102 (Gondor) + Lonne (Gondor)

Map- Mouths of the entwash
Version: 1.03
Match length: 67 mins

XSworDx (Rohan) + Maschi (Mordor)


B.O- Farm, Farm, Hobbit, Outer farms, Stables, Theoden, RA, AR, Eomer, Armoury, Ent moot, OP
PP usage- Draft, Heal, EW, Ent allies, AotD, Anduril


B.O- SH's, Mills, Towers, Pit, Troll cage, Nazgul
PP usage- Eye, TL, Industry, Scavanger

thum.gif Good assistance when mordor was in trouble
thum.gif Good Hero micro
thum.gif Defensive use of EW and TL
thum.gif Used LD to overpower knights
thum.gif Great comeback
thum.gif Lv 10 Eomer (good micro)
thum.gif Good harrasment

sad.gif Bad peasent micro
sad.gif No extra labourers
sad.gif Surendered early MC
sad.gif Wasted handfuls of orcs to towers

Comments: From what started as apoor performance from Mordor and Rohan, xSworDx Showed here how well he can use his cav and mounted heroes as it was their LD that pushed both gondors back, killed gandi's over and over and over again and generally own them. Rohan played a big part in Mordors survival in protecting them from Gondors attacks and generally put on a great show.

Overall Teamplay: 7/10

Steiny102 (Gondor) + Lonne (Gondor)

Steiny102 (Gondor)

B.O: BS, BS, Hobbit, Outer farms, Faramir, OP, GtW, Stoneworks, Stables
PP usage: Heal, GtW, Elven allies, Rohirrim allies, Eagles

Lonne (Gondor)

B.O: B.S, Farm, Hobbit, Faramir, Stables, GtW, OP, Workshop

thum.gif Good creeping with heroes and soldiers
thum.gif Stole creeps off Rohan
thum.gif Gained MC early
thum.gif Good Faramir micro
thum.gif Came to each others aid

sad.gif Terrible GtW micro
sad.gif Not offensive enough
sad.gif No variety in your units
sad.gif Slow upgrades from Steiny102
sad.gif Took on LD/GC buffed rohirrim

Comments: It looked as If you were going to win the match early however you messed up into leaving it too late when Rohan had astablished an uped army so they could come to mordors aid, fend off your attack, take your OP and generally force you to submit to their superior cav. Your GtW micro was horrible, When you sent him in first you should of known he was priority so he would die 1st. Because of this he died so many times I lost count. A real shame as your gameplay was quite good all the way through

The lack of troop variety was your downfall in midgame

Overall: 5/10

Summary: A very entertaining game where it looks like Gondor has Rohan and Mordor on the ropes but due to a late offence from them Rohan truly shined in taking them down and forcing them back out of mordors territory. From their Rohans supoerior LD and micro lead to an unvaried Gondors defeat.

Entertainment: 7/10
Overall gameplay: 7/10

EDIT- Silver awarded for its great entertainment smile.gif
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#5Arweeen  Mar 30 2006, 16:31 PM -
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happy.gif i hoped you enjoyed the game

i will post another game that is a true joke 2 ROHANS vs 2 GONDORs
#6IVERSON  Apr 12 2006, 03:17 AM -
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Arween I love the sig smile.gif.
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