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Battle for Middle Earth

OwnageTS vs MiNiPurplecow

#11ReDneck  Feb 25 2006, 23:18 PM -
QUOTE(Ranger @ Feb 25 2006, 05:29 PM) *

i disagree with ur last statement redneck. isen cant afford to make mistakes either sad.gif one mistake basically costs u this matchup if ur isen.

Well like I said, you played nearly with no mistakes, so TS's mistakes cost him the game. I agree with you, isen cant make much mistakes either.
#12Major  Feb 26 2006, 13:24 PM -
counters were good, Ranger did a risky strat that worked fine cuz Sorad suddenly built many peasants(usually doesn't)...
fast fire to kill pikes thum.gif


Ranger: you used formations badly, esp uruks vs peasants up top, left xbows all alone up top and lost pikes to fire(run away).

Sorad: you should've won this, especially when you beat him on the southern flank, then should've charged to his base (this isn't 1.02, Rohan can rip a fod base w/o ents).
early you were too defensive...
#13ReDneck  Feb 27 2006, 00:13 AM -
Major, I disagree that sorad shouldve won.
#14Major  Feb 27 2006, 09:03 AM -
Major, I disagree that sorad shouldve won.

I know why you think that.
I still think that even with his PASSIVE game he should've won, Ranger plays like Poose does-6+ units befoe he goes for econ(good for a strong start), this can be beneficial only if you have a long period of rest, which Sorad allowed him, which allowed Ranger the match, Sorad's micro and macro are better than Ranger's, but sadly this wasn't enough.

GG both.
#15Erbgorre  Feb 27 2006, 09:06 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
good game but i wouldnt say there were no flaws at all in isen play. most were minor things like the fordmill had no extraworkers half of the game and some theocripples came unnescessarily late but it didnt really matter cause isen won those fights and tho died anyway. but i didnt get y ranger sacrificed his 2 harassing uruks to those peasants+merry. they couldnt do anything but die without wc so y not retreat them and hit the field again fully upgraded. and what major already mentioned the lone xbow guarding top for a while was pretty much free xp very lucky he wasnt coming that way with his horses for a long time.
rohan on the other hand i agree on the combining suggestion. 100bucks combined with fireyeos r killerteams in early-midgame. makes it so much harder to pick them off especially for lurtz. they dont even need armor then lv2 they will hardly ever die unless wargs come to finish them off
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#16Ranger  Feb 28 2006, 07:43 AM -
this was the 2nd game with testing this strat, so i was still getting used 2 things. the fact is, rohans eco is bad early which means if u go for fast units with an underdeveloped economy, u get all ur mills guarded and then can boom.

as to ergborre, i agree where wasnt any flaws, but i didnt make any major mistakes. but there is some sort lof lurtz bug where he doesnt cripple immediately. once he even did it 30 seconds after i told him to at nothing wacko.gif

im still getting used to pikes dying to fire, but it seems that 1 on 1 an armoured pike > a yeoman

btw this strat isnt too risky. iv beaten every rohan iv played with this strat except once against sorad, but im 3-1 vs him with this strat.
#17TeamSorad  Feb 28 2006, 08:39 AM -
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ranger to be fair you should post some games where I win tongue.gif
#18Ranger  Mar 1 2006, 06:06 AM -

i only saved like 1 of them

im 5-3 tho, i only posyed like 3 of my wins, only 1 for review banana.gif
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