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Battle for Middle Earth

[EGP]Logic vs. SoN|AnAgA

#81Saurron/CoRRupT  Jan 10 2006, 14:57 PM -
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QUOTE(AnAgA @ Jan 7 2006, 07:05 PM) *

I wont forgive my self for this loss, I WONT.

post were u baet him i need to see what was done differnt in this game with ur starting orcs u kept following his untis then going abck to the farm and so on and so on wacko.gif that is what pill calls n00b biggrin.gif

AnAgA wub.gif
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#82AnAgA  Jan 11 2006, 13:33 PM -
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QUOTE(Badboykilla @ Jan 9 2006, 11:12 AM) *

First off. Angra your sigs are truly things of beauty, what program do you use to make these mini masterpieces?

Second, Anaga why so angry? It is a fact that at some point in the future you will lose. Whether it be by luck, skill or you having a mare, it will happen. Not really fair to take away credit from logic who played really well. Rode his luck a bit, but you need a bit of luck to win. And although i acknowledge your Mordor as being one of the best, your comment on "can Gondor win without Gandy?" is moronic to say the least. Understand, im not out to flame you, but Gondor without Gman is like Mordor without Trolls/Muma is like Isen without Pikes and is like Rohan without...erm..oh wait Rohan suck.

Like i said im just speaking my mind. A lot of people won't say a bad word against you coz your a great player, which is silly. Just coz you pwn on a computer game doesn't mean people can't speak there mind. Anywhoo Logic deserves great credit for this win. It wasn't all about Anaga having a bad day.

First of all I got those sign and pic from some websites in google that I found. 2nd: Im not angry Im just asking my self why did I play stupid and I dont need anyone not even u to tell me that. Thirdly: I dont care what they say about me like bad words, its like as if they are dogs barking to me (no offense to some). I rispect everyone wethere they are right or wrong, I am a human as well and I lose as all humans do but in this game I really could have won. Just dont know why on earth I didnt bother much about this game.
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#83general grievous^  Jan 11 2006, 20:42 PM -
QUOTE(AnAgA @ Jan 8 2006, 08:07 AM) *

Excelent work from gondor? Tell me something can gondor win without that gay hero? Can that army beat that great mordor army? I dont think so, as I said and I will say again Gondor is a gay army and I wont to no more vs it.

thats like asking can mordor win without building orc pits
#84Erbgorre  Jan 11 2006, 21:17 PM -
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QUOTE(AnAgA @ Jan 11 2006, 02:33 PM) *

First of all I got those sign and pic from some websites in google that I found.

his first point was dedicated to angra i think and not to u anaga
#85NeOkNiGhT  Jan 15 2006, 21:17 PM -
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QUOTE(general grievous^ @ Jan 11 2006, 02:42 PM) *

thats like asking can mordor win without building orc pits

4gr33d 100% to TeH MaX thum.gif
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