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Battle for Middle Earth

Chen vs Zoidberg

#1Chen  Jan 1 2006, 01:44 AM -
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i get rohan
he gets mordor
LOL @ what happens.
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#2-ThundeR  Jan 1 2006, 01:45 AM -
lol funny game
#3Chen  Jan 1 2006, 01:54 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
*cough* your a fag *cough* wub.gif
#4Ranger  Jan 1 2006, 02:37 AM -

zoid is back?
#5DuRiN  Jan 1 2006, 10:24 AM -
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thats what I wanna ask too ohmy.gif , the ent man's back ohmy.gif. Gonna watch this, never seen Zoid play mordor lol.
#6mini  Jan 1 2006, 10:25 AM -
man this was noob replAY wacko.gif
#7KlunG  Jan 1 2006, 12:02 PM -
#8Dinn  Jan 1 2006, 12:47 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
MINE! u0udiablo.gif
#9KlunG  Jan 1 2006, 13:27 PM -
Map: Fords of Isen
Ch3n vs TooN|Zoidberg
Rohan vs Mordor



Starting BO: 2 Farms + Merry --> outside farms

Initial strat: Fast Rohirim --> Hero spam

+ Very good farm grabbing ( Got 5 outside farms even before zoid was near him)
+ Good labourer harrasment, and cloacking him at the mill was a good move imo
+ Fast Cav which claimed MC back
+ Got 4 of his trolls cuz of good micro with ur heroes n cav
+ Good sieging of his bases

-Fast Aragorn wud have won u this game earlier cuz he was only spamming trolls (get PP's by creeping with ur three Rohirim)
-Trampling in wedge formation once
-Didnt use aras blademaster when attacking one of his outposts
-Lol at u placing EW without cancelling the TL



Starting BO: Dual pit + Mill

Initial strat: Orc spam --> fast trolls --> naz --> siege

+ Spamming labourers which mordor really needs when he does dual pit
+ Got gollum into the rohan castle
+ Fast trolls
+ Took all the creeps mid game¨
+ Got both outposts after he took ur castle
+ Got ur castle back, twice thumb.gif
+ Excellent Nazguhl usage, avoided all of them getting killed and u did great damage with them (until the end of the game)

-Didnt sell some mills when they got attacked
-Had many orcs standing idle mid game

Game summary:

A really good and entertaining match with good strats and micro from both sides. The game started with orc spam from Zoid --> Naguhls and chen did fast cav --> heroes. It looked like a gg for Zoidberg when chen got his main castle with his powerful heroes and rohirim. But zoid claimed both outposts and got an extra naz. And cuz he had lots of mills he got able to reclaim his castle. Still chen had the edge andtook out his castle again. But cuz of excellent nazguhl usage he killed some heroes and cav and he only lost nazguhl twice during the whole game. He claimed his base back and outposts and now he had the edge of this game. A really good game imo which shows Zoids doesnt suck even tho he has been inactive for a while

Game ratings:

Ch3n: 6/10
Zoidberg: 7/10

Game rating: 7/10

Gongratulation guys

This replay has been promoted to:


And rotw contender

Why it became a silver:

Good performed strats by both players
Good micro and minor flaws during the game
High entertainment value
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#10-ThundeR  Jan 1 2006, 13:58 PM -
lol biggrin.gif

last time i checked trolls pwned those heros tbh

i forget how many it takes wacko.gif
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