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Battle for Middle Earth

[DiVA]ars3n4l vsTKD|AnAga

#51.ppjw  Dec 22 2005, 10:51 AM -
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QUOTE(Pilbots @ Dec 21 2005, 06:22 PM) *

double pit in mordor mirror?


hmmm im not sure, i used to think 1 pit was the best start, but lately im experimenting with starting 2 pit, send 1 orc to bottom/top to kill a mill, send other 1 to take over ur mills, when he attacks with 2 thru middle u have 2 orcs coming out of your pit, they should be nough to save your mill and then both players have a mill but u have an extra pit... ofcourse its risky and i dont play mirrors that often vs good mordors but it still makes me wonder...
#52mini  Dec 22 2005, 11:17 AM -
I still start with 1, its better
#53AnAgA  Dec 22 2005, 14:59 PM -
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1 pit is always better, to allows u to get money faster + get more pits faster then him, just like the time I played hannibal when he start 2 pits in eatern rohan and i started
#54Ranger  Dec 23 2005, 03:11 AM -
try starting with 2 furns tbh ohmy.gif
#55Pilbots  Jan 7 2006, 21:17 PM -
this game should definately without a doubt be gold. Was there a decision made?
#56Pilbots  Jan 14 2006, 17:22 PM -
can a RR comment please
#57Artistic  Jan 14 2006, 21:59 PM -
Just watched it, vgg wink.gif

Only tip i can give to both of you guys that hasnt been mentioned before:
When using balrog you can save the time it takes to ignite. When you use 'wings' to fly in the enemies base, right before the balrog lands, press 'ignite'. The balrog will ignite immediately, so when the balrog is back on the ground it is already ignited. This way you save the charging time of pressing 'ignite' when the balrog is on its feet.
#58FischerKing  Jan 29 2006, 15:37 PM -
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Just watched this great game, very cool and very informative ! Pilbots had the lead for a long time, but somehow AnAgA was better/luckier in the endgame (better/luckier summon horde I think, and he got Pilbots nazguls).

Got a few questions (learning mordor)
You both took orc archers pretty late, just before ballrog arrived. Why are you not getting them earlier ?
Pilbots used combined orcs/archers, while AnAgA used archers and orcs alone, whats the best thing ?
Whats the idea behind the troll cage in the end, drummers ?
Some take catas to hit the archers, but you didnt, it sucks because ?
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