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Battle for Middle Earth

[DIVA]SuNtZu v.s. MaC|Kolo

#31TbiRd  Dec 2 2005, 18:32 PM -
smile.gif Very dynamic game
smile.gif Lot of action

sad.gif Very short game
but anyway GG biggrin.gif banana.gif
#32Nic767  Dec 3 2005, 02:50 AM -
Think I'll wake up and make a shoutcast smile.gif
#33Redleaf  Dec 3 2005, 13:17 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
Really nice game. Great review Klung. biggrin.gif "I've eaten too many orcs today". That was funny.

By the way, I'm the 100th guy to download. biggrin.gif
#34Nic767  Dec 6 2005, 00:10 AM -
Go and listen to the shoutcast, very brief, but cool biggrin.gif
#35BLeeDeR  Dec 7 2005, 05:00 AM -
QUOTE(.ppjw @ Dec 1 2005, 01:01 PM) *

I'd like to see the games Kolo won

I remember kolo bashed him like 4 times in a row and pepe just kept wanting to re, he was always flaming kolo and saying how he "copied" his BO and used it against him. Pepe went on to say how replays should be banned lmao.
#36.ppjw  Dec 8 2005, 00:34 AM -
Replays: 9
funny shit indeed
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