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Battle for Middle Earth

Maia/Poose vs Sammy/Zero

#1FlashJack  Apr 24 2007, 16:54 PM -
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so me and poose played sammy and zero and we drew mordor mordor vs gondor/mordor, i like the match-up but the headache i got from this game was just sad.gif
there was just non-stop action from start to finish, so many battles and the middle is just a pain in the ass to get back


this replay is good for anyone who wants to learn double mordor smile.gif

rating please when ur ready, thx

Review by: Thrandy

Starting positions:
Team 1: (Mordor) Arjen_Robben / (Gondor) Half|Zero - West
Team 2: (Mordor) ]CBA|tbh` / (Mordor) BoW|Re4LG33 - East


A very action-packed game with very nice micro and teamwork. Very few mistakes were made, not very many bad calls either so for anyone wanting to improve their game or is in the mood for some entertaining battles this one is a must-watch.

Team 1 Commentary:

Play was very good here. BOs and micro were correct overall but I think the opposing team simply outplayed you. Sammy didn't produce enough trolls after taking the camp so without a good number of combos, catas, and trolls the enemy Mordors had the better Ld and army. Gondor, however, used his knights pretty well. Trampling the enemy combos was good and you were aggressive enough to make them watch over their economy instead of concentrating on your own. Too bad Gandalf died, I thought you could've been a bit more careful with him but he had to die at some point against two full Mordors. Also in my opinion it might've been better for Gondor to have taken the camp so both of you would have a well to heal at, but maybe Mordor needed the best economy possible to pick up Gondor's slack with only three knights for an army. Probably should've revived Gollum more often in mid game just to bother them a little more. Also dunno why you bought Devastation when you already had the camp for a good econ. Might've gotten Balrog before the end of the match if you had followed the standard PP route, but it's rather hard to say.

Team 2 Commentary:

Very very wp in this one, not really any mistakes to comment on. Dunno why Poose hesitated for so long to take the 2nd mill, imo Maia should've allowed him 3 mills since he went for the dbl pit start but your teamwork was enough to keep you off defending your economy too much. Catapult micro was great, could be improved so that you don't attack the same spots too many times. Even hit Maia's trolls a few times but still played your role correctly here. One time Poose also forgot one of his combos after a fight and so Sammy's troll took it out freely, but not a big deal. Troll micro was great, WK micro was impressive too. Rushing Gondor was the smartest thing you could do after killing Gandalf so it was nice to see you guys working together to carry out the attack correctly.

Overall Rating: 7

Silver & RotWC
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#2Deadeye  Apr 24 2007, 17:03 PM -
Replays: 6

I felt I did poorly, but notice how close WK comes to dieing when I IL him. Soooo close...
I probably should have never taken the chance to IL the WK in the first place because I knew it was suicide.

Sammy played well I thought. He did a good job of holding the middle as long as he did. Anyways gg, worth the watch.
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#3Poose  Apr 24 2007, 17:08 PM -
Well played guys, there were just some REALLY big battles in this game, and they just seemed to keep going and going. It went back and forth quite a bit, and I think some of the decisions, especially to attack Gondor instead of middle again, proved to be good ones. That was Maia's idea wub.gif

I think we were both suprised that we won a couple of the battles that we won in the game, I know I was biggrin.gif. Well played guys .. Maia had some really good troll micro and WK micro btw tongue.gif. One of the better games I've played in 2v2 in a long time.
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#4Deadeye  Apr 24 2007, 17:15 PM -
Replays: 6
Yes, that was the right move, and the game breaker. Attacking me (Gondor) right away didnt give me a chance to get Gandy out in time. If you watch the rep he was almost done and was about to pop out. If you had attacked middle again, you would of had to deal with gandy and the battles would eventually starting giving me enough pp to cause you guys problems with the summons. Again, gg!
#5FlashJack  Apr 24 2007, 17:25 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
ye thats true deadeye, thats why i told poose lets go to gondor, we can break ur wall, stop gandy from respawning and damage u enough so mordor ends up doing more of the fighting alone

i think both teams had some really good teamwork and thats the key in 2v2
also some very good troll/cata micro and also good knight micro

gg dude, btw is sammy mad after losing twice in a row?
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#6Evoluti0n`  Apr 24 2007, 17:34 PM -
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will definitely watch this one, sounds like a great game banana.gif
#7LiGhT`  Apr 24 2007, 19:28 PM -
Why dint u post the game me and Maverick played v u guys sad.gif tongue.gif
#8FarMeR`  Apr 25 2007, 00:09 AM -
Replays: 30 Game:
i think i have it if you want it light biggrin.gif
#9Poose  Apr 25 2007, 03:38 AM -
Stop hijacking our gosu replay topic with your crap biggrin.gif. It's a good replay m8 have a look!
#10FlashJack  Apr 26 2007, 09:15 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
NML taggggggggg this please biggrin.gif
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