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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] B2P|Wegway` Vs. EkO][SkolbiTs`

#11FarMeR`  May 5 2007, 23:17 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
Gold tbh.
#12alexgontijo  May 7 2007, 02:02 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Although it is a nice replay to watch, booth players showed too much respect and had a great weakness in finishing the game!

Mordor could have won the game in the early 1 hour, but then, when Gondor got the Eagles, itís over! sleep.gif

#13Ferk^KinG  May 7 2007, 11:28 AM -
Replays: 25 Game:
so r u sayin that when u r mordor playin a gondor player n he gets ealges u quit cuz u no its GG?
damn bro....i do the same thing.....tongue.gif
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#14ardul  May 7 2007, 13:45 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
I think that the Mordor Player deserved to win. Better Micro and less mistakes. The balance between both armies is absurd.
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#15IJeIvIoIViO  May 8 2007, 10:18 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
very good game, maybe if mordor pick up rocks early (when he see gandalf, instead of nearly all trees), gandalf is dead and in the time enemy remake gandalf he can finish with 1 coordinate attack the enemy base.
mordor deserve the win. smile.gif
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