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Battle for Middle Earth

Sr4pp3R(isen)vs H3rmine(Gondor) -Fangorn

#1Earendil  Apr 27 2009, 13:55 PM -
I played against Sr4pp3Rs Isen-host on Fangorn (which is one of my favourite maps =))

It was a nice game with many action where I lost my base against his rog but managed to come back and finally defeat him =)

GG m8 =)

enjoy watching ;D
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#2showtim4  Apr 27 2009, 14:23 PM -
Replays: 2
st4pp3r cry.gif
edit my name pls im sr4pp3r . yea was a good game. but im idiot i forget towers biggrin.gif nvm lot of action lot of battle and congrt. for u thumb.gif
#3Pallando  Apr 27 2009, 14:29 PM -
Orange the Isen-Killer n1qshok.gif
#4Can't be touched  Apr 27 2009, 15:14 PM -
and again wp for Orange`0wns thumb.gif
#5BcVcB  Apr 27 2009, 16:19 PM -

Replays: 46 Game:
st4pp3r cry.gif
edit my name pls im sr4pp3r


Another must-watch game ohmy.gif
#6MaSteR KaiTo  Apr 27 2009, 16:27 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
Alright I'll review it smile.gif
#7showtim4  Apr 27 2009, 16:34 PM -
Replays: 2
thnx for edit bowdown.gif
#8Replaysystem  Apr 27 2009, 22:06 PM -

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A new review is available for this replay. Please click here to view MaSteR KaiTo's review, who gave it a score of 4.5.
#9Golle  Apr 28 2009, 00:11 AM -
FOR THE WHITE HAND u0udiablo.gif Gotta watch it r8 now. Curious bout the game. I heard a lot of times Fangorn is an Isen map... numchuks.gif

mmh watched it and gotta say too many mistakes by Isen gave Gondor too much pps. For example: Its useless to go to Gondors camp with one bat wargs and a combo and lurtz. You will need pikes against FU knights. Lurtz died too often and combos where not protected well often. Lurtz can only protect as long as blood thirst lasts tho. And why no towers at all ? smile.gif But the balrog was very well used.
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#10showtim4  Apr 28 2009, 16:44 PM -
Replays: 2
i forgot towers Golle frusty.gif
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