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Battle for Middle Earth

1v1 Gondor vs Isen

#1gahvin  Nov 14 2021, 17:42 PM -
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This was me and Darknights first 1v1s since maybe 10 months ago and you can tell from how sloppy we are. My second horse runs into a pike and dies immediately, my Gandalf dies to a pike while I'm not looking, I use eagles and then get pinned, but I stay calm and play instead of ragequitting like I usually do.
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 14 2021, 23:45 PM -
Up North ShowMaKeR (aka gahvin) playing Gondor
Down South Darknight playing Isengard

At first Darknight seemed a little confused on what do, and built 1 furnace too many, but deleted it before losing the money, then sent his uruks to nowhere, until he managed to remember what this map used to look like, while ShowMaKeR confident was moving forward, and put land right where needed be, while standing on enemy land Darknight managed to kill all the soldiers before Pippin's arrival, but the hobbit managed to hide fast enough before the Isengard player could by-back the mill.

Next move for Darknight was to creep something in order to catch-up on cash, ShowMaker had already 3 outside farms to none, and by creeping... the Isengard player would not only gained some $ but could also get the PP for Industry, so the uruk-pit was operating 24/7 non-stop until pikes were finally spammed, right on time to counter the Knights of ShowMaker, for a minute gahvin had 2 Knights level 2, then all of a sudden 1 of em was gone, pikes were everywhere I guess this is where gahvin got sloppy and lost those horses up North at the wild wargs spot, vs Darknight's pikes, so gahvin decided to built barracks in order to counter these surprising pikes.

At this point gahvin might have been the fastest man on the map, but it was under Darknight's control. Next step for Darknight was to get banners while gahvin was sending soldiers everywhere pikes were spotted, and to counter this counter measure from gahvin, the isengard player started to spam berzerkers.

gahvin did great use of land, and once he add enough PP he picked the elves before heal or GTW, he's goal was to make those elves work enough to pull their weight and then some more.

The zerks were not enough so Darknight called Lurtz for duty and at the first confrontation vs him, gahvin forgot to summoned the elves, or maybe he had other plans, but what's the point of getting them in a haste if not to used them?

gahvin finally summoned them in the west were they did nothing at first, but succeeded in making diversion while knights (3 of em) were sent at the 4 corners of the map to regain control at last, well that might not be the 4 corners but I think people will get what I mean.

Lurtz still active in the middle map was leveling up on anything passing by. And after going almost around the entire map the elves finally vanished right where they should have been summoned in the first place much earlier. -thanks for nothing guys!

Once Darknight was done with the armory, he build a warg-pit, Saruman can wait, maybe it's after noticing those elves that he took that decision. -was it the right one? -taking action according to the enemy's mistakes??

"Sloppy can bring easy success, but sometimes can also confuse the enemy and make him do sloppier..."

Tired of playing on enemy land, Darknight got one for himself from the PP menu, but land is absolutely useless once war is inside your base, I guess Rain will wait too...

Determined to stop playing sloppy gahvin made a rush on Isengard's base, with Wargs on the field now the chance of encountering Saruman over there is little to nil, since money was spent on fancy exotic dogs. The pit went down and PP were gained for both players. After that gahvin decided to regain strength and pulled back his Knights, but battles were still on going every where and at last Darknight decided to put land for his units, maybe all this effort was only for a mill, but still better than having it there on the shelf of lost items.

Then when gahvin had the 6k he did not wait for a penny more and called Gandy for duty.

While Gandy was still in the powder room, Knights were sent for an other rush and this time the elves proved their worth, still no Saruman and buildings were going down. With the 6 PP needed for Rain at the bank Darknight decided to go for Fuel, proved at what point he desperately needed Saruman...
ps:nothing to had for that matter

With GTG on the field gahvin opted for the Eagles, -Gandy can wait becoming white! Any how... GTG got caught by Lurtz and it was Good night Gandy! -where are those Eagles.. oh one died chasing Wargs.

ps:If you don't find the right strategy to do in this game, at least you should find what not to do, or maybe... doing some weird moves might become the new strat in order to confuses your opponent, not to forget this game becomes more and more entertaining since very funny to watch!

Now Saruman just got called for duty, this might become a little more serious, time to wake-up grand-pa and keep the pop-corn coming, we're expecting lots of action!

Saruman just got out fresh from the cita, and his first move was to cast speech craft and 2 pikes combos + 1 pikes leveled up just like that. Woow! -you don't know how bad these kids were missing you Saruman! Now time to rebuilt armory in order to get Fire for the combos, once he had fire Darknight deleted it and built siege works.

With more and more pikes combos and ballistas in the making, Darknight was about to launch an attack at the same moment gahvin risk buying the top outpost(first time someone buys one) now gahvin must lure Isengard's attention else where or this outpost will last seconds vs such an imposing army.

And so Gandy now called GTW was sent at the opposite direction, there he bought the other outpost under false pretensions. Darknight almost fell for it, but decided that none of the outpost were worth wasting time on, so he went strait for the castle.

This is the moment every viewers were waiting for, no time to go for the w/c (water-closet) please remain seated and keep arms and legs inside your vehicle during the ride!

Gandy was sent to confront them. -You shall not pass!!
Too bad he got pinned down, Eagles were summoned Knights level 10 were sent into the pike-combos Lurtz was first to go, then Saruman and finally Gandy was sent to bed too.

But something went very wrong, the pike combos were almost ineffective vs Eagles even on their own land, perhaps Rain would have been of some help, or fire... could some combos had none? but never mind that, what went even worst is the uruk-pit, seems unable to use it, it looks like a void, when you click on it from the replay... that is confusing indeed... so Darknight decided to forget about it I guess... and went for warg-pit again, but what's the point now...gahvin already has the AOD!

gahvin decided to make one last rush, and with AOD put Isengard to his rest, Darknight had enough PP for the Rog but no more time on the clock, time to go to bed.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

The show's over.
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