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Battle for Middle Earth

DemonOfMorgoth vs Musky

#1DemonOfMorgoth  Apr 2 2005, 14:30 PM -
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Hey ...
Well this was my first ladder match as gondor...
i think i wasn't so bad i was going for a shielded horses rush but this guy got already mumakils....
so horses rush failed... oh well then waiting till gandalf ...then eagles and mumakils becomming weakers
i've tryed fire archers too but this don't work so much.... so finnally AoD then he got balrog lol
almost rapped my base! but i've got his castle so he really know the game is over but still playing till the end
was a nice guy too...
so for me it was a very good game really tense but really cool


PS. Sorry for my bad english i've never learned it...
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#2Brimestar  Apr 12 2005, 19:43 PM -
Replays: 12
PLAYERS: DemonOfMorgoth (GON) vs Musky (MOR)
MAP: Fords of Isen

SYNOP: If you like lots of fighting, big battles, Gandalf dying this is one to watch.

DOM] BO; 1 farm & 1 BS to cav start

-Needed archers sooner than when you got em
-Got Gandy killed not once, not twice, but 4 times

+Timely siegeworks as his mums were banging on your walls frusty.gif
+Nice cav raiding, good overall use of cav
+Good harassament of orc keep
+Got walls back up even while under pressure
+(TO BOTH OF YOU) Awesome battles in the center
+Got AOD 1st, which lead to you capturing his keep
+Bought his keep thumb.gif
+AOD for the last battle at his north OP

Musky] 2 slaughterhouses to orc/mum start

-Make at least 2 more laborers at mills
-orc Pit up front, keep it back along with mum pit
-Should have sent mums str8 for Gondor walls, race to stoneworks
-No archers on mums, need it
-Should have peeled back his walls. (I'll get to this later) (KEY)
-Needed Rhuns or trolls to prtoect your cats
-Should have used flamebreath b4 Balrog timed out
-Attk his econ, take his $ away

+Got north and south walls down, but then you stopped doing what you were doing. BAD IDEA. You should have peeled his walls back like an onion and take twrs down one by one. (KEY OF THE GAME)
+Killed Gandy, 4 times thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif
+(TO BOTH OF YOU) Great battles in the middle
+Got the Balrog to his base but no support. Balrog needs support to take a keep down

OVERALL: WOW! Entertainment to say the least. The match was kinda long, but worth the watch. I'm sure it was a tense match for those involved, perhaps even a nail biter.

#3DemonOfMorgoth  Dec 1 2005, 00:43 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
hey i dunno iff u will see this but...

i wasn't getting a comp for 4 months now... it is why ill never answered to this review... sry

but i am getting one now and i will be back really soon wink.gif

anyways thx a lot for all what u were saying !wow as i said gondor was my first try for this match (prolly why i lost 4 times gandulf)
frusty.gif frusty.gif frusty.gif

just wanted to say that gamereplays makes me feel good ..... thx for this great website

and for those great RR's

cya soon

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