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Battle for Middle Earth

OwnageTS vs MiNiPurplecow

#1Ranger  Feb 25 2006, 06:14 AM -
played 6 games vs sorad, this one was the latest one. like to see what an rr thinks of this bo smile.gif

review plz from an isengard player btw ^^
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#2Ranger08  Feb 25 2006, 06:21 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:
I am honoured to do the first 1.03 review, and especially on of Ranger's. smile.gif

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#3Ranger08  Feb 25 2006, 07:19 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:
OwnageTS(Rohan) vs MiNiPurplecow(Isengard)

Game Version: 1.03 (Hell's Ya! smile.gif)
Map: Fords of Isen

OwnageTS - Rohan

Starting B.O: 2 Inner farms, Merry, 1 Outer Farm
Strat: Peasant Spam -> Rohirrim -> Yeomen/Elves
P.P. Progression: Draft -> Heal -> Elven Allies

smile.gif Good use of Peasants and yeomen to deal with pikes
smile.gif Got fire arrows quick, which were responsible for taking out many pikes
smile.gif Harassing with both Rohirrim and yeomean, with the yeos taking out any pikes near the mills

sad.gif Lost Merry to a neutral warg
sad.gif Bit of a weak peasant spam, you could have harassed some with peasants to try to even things out

Summary: You played well, but MiniPurplecow had matched your counters automatically (don't know if he tried). When you tried to bring something into battle, he always had a counter to it. I don't think there was much you could have done to stop it.

Overall: 6

MiNiPurplecow - Isengard

Starting B.O: Uruk Pit, Mill, 2 Uruks
Strat: Uruks -> Pikes -> Upgrades -> Wargs
P.P. Progression: Warchant -> Industry -> Tainted Land -> Freezing Rain

smile.gif Good use of uruks early game on the offensive and defense
smile.gif Good laborer placement to scout out key areas of map
smile.gif Excellent Flooding of map with uruks, crossbows and pikes
smile.gif Got wargs to counter peasants and yeomen

sad.gif Could have upgraded mill defenders with armour and blades, which could have helped kill the yeomen

Summary: You played very well, I would say, kind of psychic. You matched your opponents moves with the right counter, and made very good decisions throughout the game. You had very good ideas into how Rohan was played, and I think that was key in your victory. I thought the strat was cool: you didn't lose much map, and you were able to harass and support your army well.

Overall: 7

Game Summary: A very entertaining Rohan vs Isengard. Each side always had something moving, wheter to harass, creep, or attack. Both players knew what they were doing, and brought cool new ideas for 1.03 strats.

Entertainment Value: 7
Overall: 7

RotW Contender

Promoted to Silver
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#4Ranger  Feb 25 2006, 07:35 AM -
thx wub.gif

we had some other games that were probally closer, but usually resulted in a long siege from me and long periods of no action. i tried a faster siege this game smile.gif
#5Zlurodirom  Feb 25 2006, 08:07 AM -
I'll watch, I need to work on isen for 1.03, my rohan and gondor seem average already, I just haven't won a game with isen, of course the only person I've played with isen has been TS so taht doesn't help tongue.gif
#6TeamSorad  Feb 25 2006, 08:12 AM -
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This is a pretty good game. Made some mistakes and Ranger took advantage. That lurtz is pretty hard to couner early. Lots of uruks early left his base open for awhile, but didn't take advantage blush.gif

Should have used my elves earlier and split my rohirrim up when harrassing. Also could have used peasant and yeo that was at my outpost to retake the bottom farms.
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#7tmb_ayebe  Feb 25 2006, 14:21 PM -
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Seems to me (and I don't really know what I'm talking about) that the game was turned to Isen's favour when the Wargs came out. They seem very strong, and nothing the Rohan player had seemed to make a dent in them.

Does anyone know what the counter for Wargs is as Rohan?
#8fr4X0r  Feb 25 2006, 17:36 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
@tmb_ayebe: elves, rohirim+LD and Gimli pwn wargs

Almost forgot: GCongratulations to Ranger and Sorad for first 1.03 silver rep!
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#9ReDneck  Feb 25 2006, 21:00 PM -
Ok, watched the rep, here are my comments.

Well played by isen, almost no mistakes on his side, my props to you. thumb.gif However, I have some comments about TS's play.

1. The use of your infantry was very bad imo, you had lone yeoman running around at times.

2. You never combined your yeoman with peasants. 0wn3d.gif I could see where you were coming from, that once peasants were combined they were usless. However, peasants are so easily made that it isnt an issue. Imo you wouldve won ALOT more skirmishes if the yeoman were combined, it makes the yeoman nearly invincible.

4. Later on whent you had ups, you didnt upgrade some units. You had some yeoman running around with no armor, and you almost lost a rohirom group because you didnt upgrade it.

You played good, but these things + isen played great was why you lost. In rohan vs isen, rohan can have very little mistakes.
#10Ranger  Feb 25 2006, 22:29 PM -
i disagree with ur last statement redneck. isen cant afford to make mistakes either sad.gif one mistake basically costs u this matchup if ur isen.
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