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Battle for Middle Earth

Word of Power

#1Felixanius  Jul 23 2021, 09:54 AM -

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We had a nice game - dbl Gondor vs Gondor-Isengard with talented players (Dune, Thorin, Bwel). My ally questioned by questionable choice to go for combos on the Gon side - he was kind of right so I switched to horses pretty late. It was a pretty messy game and mistakes have been made on both sides. Was still fun to play and I assume to watch and - WORD OF POWER!

#2LATINO  Jul 23 2021, 10:33 AM -

Nice game !

Was fun to watch the game live on discord and especially with the funny comments ))

#3gahvin  Jul 23 2021, 13:26 PM -
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Tagged for review, unless our Senior Replay Reviewer decides to do his job. #Inactive #Staff
#4ValsaDoom  Jul 29 2021, 00:48 AM -

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This replay was suggested to me, and I should thanks gahvin for this nice offer, cause once again we have a great example of how awesome the 1.09 patch of BFME1 is.

The pace was set from the start, 3 lands within seconds just to show who's boss, and not only it turn out effective, but this send a clear message on who wants to win this game most.

In this version of BFME1 1.09 Karuskas immediately show you how great Bromir's horn is effective seconds after he got him out from the outpost, watch closely how horses lvl 1 are affected by it, while Faramir shoots arrows at them.

Thorin' demonstrate how skilled he is with Lurtz lvl 1 facing mighty knights with upgrades, he manage to survived not by luck but by doing the right things, and manage to get out of trouble with lvl 3 very fast.

For his part Dunedain came out first with a Gandy ready for action, but this came out at a cost, he focused on having Gandy first, but his army was not as strong as the opponents, and he ran right into the wolves den only to get caught by an other fresher Gandy.

So the game was only starting, and already you have a good idea of who's about to suffer the most. It's not because you're first that you will come out of this with the win...

Karuskas's Gandy surprised me after being crippled right behind Isen(Thorin')'s Castle, he manage to kill both Saruman and Lurtz for then escape this nasty situation and back to action. Good work there from Karuskas' very impressive!

But the best accomplishment of this game with the exception of the win, is when Dunedain summoned the eagles to kill both enemies Gandy, well turns out his own Gandy got killed by eagles not long after that, but never the less he did great!

Not long after that again Dunedain is first to get something priceless, this time it's nothing less then the AOD, but he seemed to wonder what to do with it, and this probably cost him the game, Idk maybe the story repeats it self, you first to get something important but don't do perfect with it....

So near the end of the game Thorin' unleash the Balrog for a first time and Idk why the last black smith survived the fire breath, this was out of my understanding, must be so frustrating.... anyways he will get a second chance and wont miss it but only too late, left with no cash, no army, and only a little outpost, his partner quits still with honor.

ps: I'm not sure but I had the impression that Dunedain's rangers in the outpost were not able to fight back, like other player did, but maybe he can confirm this later.

Great game from all the players, and congrats to Karuskas' and Bwel!

Thx for the replay
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#5gahvin  Jul 29 2021, 15:24 PM -
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I think we have a new replay reviewer! Our current ones are not active @staff
#6Fishy  Jul 30 2021, 13:59 PM -
I love your reviews Valsa! Very entertaining and helpful for anyone who is deciding whether to watch the replay or not!
#7ValsaDoom  Aug 1 2021, 13:47 PM -

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QUOTE(Fishy @ Jul 30 2021, 08:59 AM)
I love your reviews Valsa! Very entertaining and helpful for anyone who is deciding whether to watch the replay or not!

Thx for the compliment, I'm glad someone likes my comments but if anyone has critics, all are welcome, I will adjust if need be. smile.gif
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