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Battle for Middle Earth

What a game!

#1Dunedain`  Feb 3 2022, 23:33 PM -

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A very close game full of action on a nice new map of patch 1.09
#2ValsaDoom  Feb 4 2022, 02:06 AM -

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Was almost an epic game until someone or something ruined it...

Morl was playing so good, taking the lead in this game and manage to be first to get AOD, but did not used it... why? Somebody tell me why? Then later ABDe gets the AOD and use it on Morl, with the help of Bwel they finish him off, and at the last minute Morl used AOD and went to bed, sweet dreams Morl, it was like both teams went in over time and all of a sudden the best player of one team scored in his own goal, GG.

I have to give Morl the benefit of the doubt, sometimes things happens out of our control, the other day I had to walk the dog. ;p
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