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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [Review]DieGelbeBanane vs. Aryensi

#1Peak  Jun 10 2007, 17:55 PM -
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That game doesn´t show the up to date version of how i would play against gondor on that map but i still think it was a very interesting game as gondor managed to get gtw.

So the race was on - hf watching.


Review by: Axcell
Starting positions
Aryensi / Gondor - Bottom right
DieGelbeBanane / Rohan - Top left

Fairily nice gondor vs rohan game. Both players micro was decent although Aryensi's micro seem to drop a little as the game did go on. Gondor held his own very well early surviving with 2 knights until GtW, but rohan's heroes pressured gondor alot. bit of an anticlimax at the end, but stil a gg.

Aryensi - Gondor
Your early game went pretty well, the defensive start against rohan was probably the best choise this game. 2 Knights before gandy proved to be enough since he only made 3 rohirrim and you had blades way before him. U maged to kee ur knights alive all game, but u should watch their stances a little bit more as engaing in wedge isn't always the best against rohan rohirrim. if the rohirrim are engaging your knights aswell you should chance stance to line. u were only a little shrt of pp when u had gandy, just engage his upped rohirrim in line kill his banner carier and retreat immeadatly so you don't have to use heal. Luckily you got that PP form taking sdown his farms. At the end you made 2 critical mistakes, losing gandy and not having knights at your base to fight as you really needed them then.
  • Watch knights stances when they fight rohirrim, change to line when you can't win it
  • Retreat knights immeadtly after killing banner carrier for PP against Fu rohirrim
  • When using IL with gandy against an army with rohirrim and aragorn in it, keep knights in front of Gandalf so he doesn't get killed in melee while casting his spell or retreating
  • Get knights back to castle when ents are invading your base and keep your army close to the statue
DieGelbeBanane - Rohan
You got 3 outer farms early and spammed some peasents, maybe you should have spammed more since he cannot defend 2 settlements. Anyway you got rohirrim out early and held a decent MC unitl gondor's blades came. You lost MC while you shouldn't as 3 rohirrim > 2 FB'ed knights as it goes for MC, also you could have gotten Eomer as he would be of great use against 2 knights with no armor which would have given you MC. When Gandalf came on the battlefield you were carefull splitting up rohrrim and retreated much. Try to not always retreat and keep his gandalf on his side of the map. Good taking out Gandalf and enting immedeatly.
  • Don't use heal on Merry when against knights since knights> Merry, better save it for rohirrim
  • Use wedge more for destroying buildings
  • Split rohirrim up and keep Gandalf at his side, don't retreat your rohirrim to your side immedeatly
  • Get Theoden out of the attack range of knights
Overall Rating: 6
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#2LastGenesis  Jun 13 2007, 01:48 AM -
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From now on when you post a replay either put [Review] or [Rating] in front of the topic title, i changed it for you this time. The only difference between the Review and Rating is that you get more feedback with the Review. Also rename your replays before posting them, normally name them something about who was in the game or what matchup it was, I also changed that for you this time just remember for next time mate. smile.gif

And welcome to GR. biggrin.gif
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#3Capablanca  Jun 14 2007, 22:03 PM -
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Explain plz.
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#4Oblivion^  Jun 15 2007, 02:29 AM -
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Yeah that was a ok game its so hard tbh to get the withe on tat map vrs a good rohan but when i got him and loose him was gg coz he had like 5000 for ent when he kill him gg m8
#5Axcell  Jun 23 2007, 10:44 AM -
#6Axcell  Jun 23 2007, 12:11 PM -
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