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Battle for Middle Earth

Peak Vs. Sammy

#11Major  Oct 28 2007, 20:57 PM -
agreed on all but
-) The creep thing is my strat - i prefer that way over attacking farms - that can be down later - just my oppinion

watch replays by Gamroth or me and see how you get the farms asap and at least two creeps with uruks alone wink.gif


EDIT: also watch topalov vs sonka on the first page wink.gif
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#12ozgur5  May 3 2010, 14:06 PM -
Replays: 23 Game:
I know this is old replay But,
I watched it 30 minutes ago
So ı wanted to add reply to this perfect replay

Really Good Replay
I wish gandalf could kill the Balrog
#13joujou  Aug 19 2010, 21:10 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
Not good replay. I friggin hate it when Gondor does nothing but camp and lame around with Gandalf until AOD.

GO OUT. attack his base, get mc back, harass, play the game.
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