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Battle for Middle Earth

2vs2 ffg

#11SiLeNc3  Feb 11 2009, 18:26 PM -
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nope skype, much better quality. TS is better for 5 or more people using it at the same time. and well then we won 9 games tongue.gif and i didnt host all the games. we hosted probably 4 or 5 games which is 50 % nothing to worry about wink.gif
#12Valor`  Feb 12 2009, 15:07 PM -
Replays: 23 Game:
Well i actually never hosted/were in team with the host when i played vs you. But you are better than me thats true. wink.gif

Atm I'm just playing ffg's, most times vs random guys so I don't wonder that I'm playing quite bad atm. biggrin.gif
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