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Battle for Middle Earth

Evolution, the worst player of 2020 revealed

#1MythvMight  May 16 2020, 16:45 PM -
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Hi guy's

We won first game and then after 2nd we got 2 Rohan vrs Isen Gon this responce.
I doubt I will ever play this person again even in day let alone another week.

thx hf

Gr comments

Myth: whats up with your attitude
Myth: i play u two games and ten years later all u say is im a cunt
Myth: fu im posting
Evo1uti0n`: youre the same guy who from 10 years
Evo1uti0n`: grow up
Myth: u just called me a cunt u son of a bitch
Myth: i dont want that from u
Evo1uti0n`: cool story
Myth: ok let gr decide asshole
Evo1uti0n`: i care about GR?
Evo1uti0n`: last post 10 years maybe longer
Myth: nope but i do and now u wont get the game again,
Evo1uti0n`: no one liked you then no one likes you now
Myth: i did u a favour u dumb shit
Myth: win 2 rohan and look
Myth: cya, blocked
Evo1uti0n`: mad cuz you couldnt make trebs
Evo1uti0n`: i bet it
Myth: i pwn u first game u host re
Myth: ur a charming individual man
Myth: then call me a cunt for it
Myth: fo u posted
#2MythvMight  May 16 2020, 16:52 PM -
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Look man I can't help it

if that guy want's to make out that then sod him can be retracted from the playing
#3suturbs  May 16 2020, 17:11 PM -
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QUOTE(MythvMight @ Today, 18:45 PM)
....Evo1uti0n`: no one liked you then no one likes you now....

Hilarious smile.gif Do some fools think that gameranger or gamereplays or anything about game is about to be liked/loved? Damnit it is not a dating site biggrin.gif
#4MythvMight  May 17 2020, 13:29 PM -
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It's just I give them a couple of games and he got this mentality from ten years ago?

wtf dude people change

He could of said how's it going, well now we all see what he is like ten years on
#5Elroy  May 18 2020, 08:23 AM -
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omg hahaha this is great. Sam your hilarious.
#6MythvMight  May 18 2020, 13:44 PM -
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Thx m8

The evolution of bfme lawl
#7suturbs  May 25 2020, 03:02 AM -
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Mith I must have also said that you exaggarate titles, if not as a response to a history between you and him.
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