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Battle for Middle Earth

Nice Qm on pelargir

#1Dunedain`  Sep 1 2021, 22:08 PM -

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Double rohan vs Isengard & mordor
Waiting for valsadoom's review biggrin.gif
#2ValsaDoom  Sep 2 2021, 00:51 AM -
An other very entertaining replay, thx to Dunedain' for sharing!

These four high skills players offer you the best of what BFME1 can give, on a map that few can handle with ease.

Top left: Karuskas playing Mordor
Top right:Bwel playing Isengard


Bottom left: Dunedain` playing Rohan
Bottom right: Th0rin` playing Rohan

Karuskas went orc pit but who does anything else in a 2v2? And after building 2 slaughter houses he built an other op, so far so good for Karuskas, while Bwel was building furnaces, later Lurtz uruk pit and ups, I think he never got Saruman, but that never stopped him of doing very good with the units he had.

Both Rohans got 2 more paesents, and the key to make the best out of these units, was to be able to micro manage them, spreading them efficiently, avoiding WC and Eye to be profitable for the other team, only few have the skills to master this tactic, and Dunedain` did it in a way that could not be better.

Both Rohans went fast Roherrims, while Bwel hurry spawning pikes asap, the map was full of those! At first they proof to be very effective, but once both Rohans had full ups, it became less obvious these pikes were efficient, then Bwel manage to get ups as well, but then both Rohans get Roherrims archers, there will be no easy way to do this for you today Bwel! But just as I was telling this to myself, Bwel just got RAIN! Maybe today is the day after all!

Inspire by his new acquisition, Bwel sent all his units (pikes-combos) and Lurtz to Th0rin`'s castle, and Karuskas was late to send drummers, so be it! The Mordor player sent his Witch-King for the time being, but Th0rin` was prepared, this one activated the Glory charge, and bang Bwel clicked on RAIN! Drummer was too late.... and Th0rin` came out of this first first alive, good night Lurtz!

The important thing to understand here is that foi contrary to fol manage to bank PP even when they are losing a combat, and Bwel knew it, there is no reason to panic, he knew he was getting closer to the Rog then them to the AOD, but the question was, does his Mordor partner makes as much progress?

Without surprise Bwel accumulated enough PP to get the Rog before anybody else, but he was late to react... way too late.... like they all are, how many times I mention this?? When you're first to get the Rog or AOD, why waiting? The more you wait and the more your enemy gets closer to get it as well!

Anyway... Bwel finally decided to launch the Rog on Th0rin`'s castle, yes he destroyed it entirely, but lost a lot of units unnecessarily in the process, giving his opponent the opportunity to bank lots of PP, and Th0rin` still had 2 outposts.

Good night Bwel, good night Karuskas!

They lost with honor, I might saw some mistakes, but I would never been able to do half of the good moves they've done, imo Bwel stand MVP in this replay.

Win with glory! Congratulation to Dunedain` and Th0rin` for their Victory!
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