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Battle for Middle Earth

Gerrard vs Sjosty

#1Gerrard  Nov 24 2006, 21:44 PM -
Replays: 31 Game:
so i thought id get some pre december cw practice in.


have u ever seen gandi and balrog kill each other at exactly the same time ohmy.gif
I tried 2 make it as anti 1.03 as possible by not using the 2 knights/brothers/combos strat that peeps be using now


but i said he didnt have 2 report afterwards, cause im nice like that wink.gif
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#2esa|TurtleTucke  Nov 24 2006, 21:56 PM -
Replays: 43 Game:
Must be a great game.... will review if nobody minds smile.gif
#3esa|TurtleTucke  Nov 24 2006, 23:26 PM -
Replays: 43 Game:
Game: [PLOW]GerrarD(Gondor) vs (Isengard)

Bo : farm(IN)-->farm(IN)-->merry-->farm-->farm
Strat : fast knights-->soldiers/TGs-->ups-->GTW
PPs : EW-->Heal-->Sum.Elv.-->GTW-->Eagles-->AOD

+ u lost only 1 single soldier when u used EW first time
+ used your hobbit nice to kill some workers/uruks
+ very fast Knights-->harassing-->creeping wargs
+ vg knight micro nearly the whole game !!!
+ fu soldiers/Tgs vs wargs/pikes in mid/late game
+ nice use of Eagles to own heros/buildings/units
+ very good gandi use/micro in mid/late game
+ PRO rebuilding cita (otherwise u would have lost)

- didnt trample his 2 uruks-->lost 2 farms to them
- got rax a bit late imo-->he got mc pretty fast
- gandi got cripppled the first time a bit stupid imo
- lost 3 knights in very late game (made me cry cry.gif )

Comments: Wow..just wow... Your early/mid game was really awesome.. Your micro with knights was so perfect. U always attacked his mills on different places and u never lost one knight in early/mid/ late game. Than u went fu soldiers/TGs but a bit too late imo coz he already got mc and upgrades on pikes. After this u went gtw instead of combos in mid game.. imo that was a good decision coz he only had pikes and u boosted most of them nicely. U always used Istari and Eagles to own heros wisely but u still lost gandi 1 time to Lurtz+pikes a bit stupid imho. BUT than u lost ALL your knights in late game cry.gif that was really sad coz i havent seen such a good micro for a long time cry.gif . Anyway ... vwp !!! Best fol player atm imo.

Bo : uruk pit-->lumber mill-->uruk-->lumber mill
Strat : uruk spam-->pike spam-->ups-->wargs-->heros
PPs : war chant-->Industry-->Palanthir-->TL-->rain-->Rog

+ u didnt lost one mill in early game to rushing soldiers
+ got his two farms down with ur two uruks on his side
+ good pike spam the whole game --> map control
+ fast upgrades (worked pretty good in this case)
+ wargs after ups (if he spams soldiers faster u get a prob)
+ Palanthired wargs all the time to keep his knights back
+ good use of auto cripple / cripple heros whole game
+ good use of Balrog in the end of the game

- lost one pike to warg lair early game
- didnt retreat pikes vs sum.elv.-->lost many pikes
- cash floated in important parts of the game
- lost too many wargs to fu knights/sum.elves
- lost heros many many times to gandi/Eagles
- didnt sell towers most of the times he rushed u
- pike/archer combos too late in my opinion

Comments: U played a very good early game too (expect some small mistakes like: loosing pikes to a warg lair).. u didnt loose a mill to his soldiers+ew and u killed two of his outfarms with two uruks aswell. Than u spamed pikes all over the map and u got map control (the whole game). U decided to go ups before wargs coz Gerrard only built 3 knights (soldiers very late). After ups u sold armory and u got fu wargs to own knights/soldiers... But here comes your mistake...after loosing Lurtz/Saro to Eagles the first time u should really get 3/4 archer/pike combos to your heros. U got them too late so u lost ur heros every time to Istari/Eagles (he alwasys run to Lurtz-->u use cripple-->he used boost vs pikes/EAgles owned heros + units .. if u get combos to saro/Lurtz they will own Eagles with Saro LS+wc an gandi after that). But wp too !!!!

Game Comments: Very funny and entertaining game imo. Both players played on high standards and used the right BOs and Strats. But both still made some tactical/micro mistakes but only a few. I really liked the end coz sjosty had main base+ 2OPs when he used Rog the first time. He owned the whole base with him but Gerrard rebuilt his cita exactly in the right time !!! Second time he used Balrog he owned Gandi + Gandi owned him.. Really funny game !!!


Micro : 7.5/10
Strat : 7 /10
Overall : 7.5/10

Micro : 6.5/10
Strat : 6.5/10
Overall : 6.5/10

Entertainment : 7/10
Overall Rating : 7/10

Promoted to Silver Replay + RotwC
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#4Gerrard  Nov 24 2006, 23:48 PM -
Replays: 31 Game:
wub.gif ty, im glad u enjoyed it, was very crazy 2 play in.

and yea i was kicking myself when i lost my knights, they were all such high ranks 2 wacko.gif
#5Krys1er  Nov 25 2006, 00:29 AM -
Replays: 22 Game:

see, this is a rep that got silver on its own grounds, no shitty 'promoted to silver under new ratings',

gj both,
#6sjosty  Nov 25 2006, 10:57 AM -
Replays: 35 Game:
ty ppl smile.gif

my middle game micro was off tongue.gif

i was just driven crazy with ganday owning batts of pikes everywhere and i knew i had to get me some fire combo's for his eagels but i thought i could launce one more attack before the eagels where recharged....

but that was a mistake dry.gif tongue.gif

anyway it was a really entertaining game and we could have gotten a bit higher rating if i would have played little better

but gerr had some OP micro here tbh thumb.gif

and the rog vs base thing.....

you should just see it to feel my frustration at that moment tbh mellow.gif

i was like n1qshok.gif -> blink.gif -> WTF.gif -> VeryFunny.gif -> wacko.gif -> frusty.gif -> huh.gif -> mellow.gif -> cry.gif

gg m8 happy.gif
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#7Krys1er  Nov 25 2006, 11:04 AM -
Replays: 22 Game:

i once lost a isen vs gon against a pro player simply because i did not keep my army together and therefore could not keep up with their summons.

tommynt says:
Your army should look like about this:
3 FU wargs
2 rams
4 pikes (FU)
2 uruks (FU)
2 pikexbowcombos (FU)
constant balista spam

But I know you're new to wargs so its acceptable your micro was a wee bit off.
#8Gerrard  Nov 25 2006, 11:05 AM -
Replays: 31 Game:
i was kinda screaming myself, hoping balrogs timer would run down. i thought u may get a quick wip on the citadel,

wip>>cita on 7% ??

yes gg buddy smile.gif
#9esa|TurtleTucke  Nov 25 2006, 14:34 PM -
Replays: 43 Game:
QUOTE(sjosty @ Nov 25 2006, 11:57 AM) *

i was like n1qshok.gif -> blink.gif -> WTF.gif -> VeryFunny.gif -> wacko.gif -> frusty.gif -> huh.gif -> mellow.gif -> cry.gif

That makes no sence !!! It should be like :
wub.gif -> happy.gif -> mellow.gif -> huh.gif -> n1qshok.gif -> blink.gif -> WTF.gif -> wacko.gif -> VeryFunny.gif -> frusty.gif -> cry.gif
#10Madow  Nov 25 2006, 16:29 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
oldschool review banana.gif
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