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Battle for Middle Earth

BoT vs TB (Butta + Taterz Vs. Segway + James)

#1Taterz  Jul 12 2007, 00:35 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
drol.gif Just got out of playing this game, very fun game to play, lots of funny things going on too, just a rating please. It's 1 of those games that don't come along very often biggrin.gif Wank worthy stuff biggrin.gif


Review by: The Great Genra1ike^

Starting Positions:
Team 4: [Tb]Yogi (rohan) + [Tb]Booboo (Rohan)- West
Team 2: BoT^|Ironhide (Mordor) + BoT^|dr`1337 (Rohan)


Dbl Rohan vs Mordor Rohan that started out normal, with each side making attempts to harass each other in early game. Dbl Rohan went for quick archers from one and quick horses from the other. Both Rohans did a good job in mid game killing some trolls with their dbl eowyns and an eomer. Mordor Rohan gained the advantage eventually after killing the middle, however Dbl Rohan managed to hang on with some sneak attacks on Mordor's base, and the game tipped in their favor when Rohan summoned ents and attacked Team 2's Rohan. After Team 2's Rohan quit Dbl Rohan eventually outlasted Mordor and used Aod to win the game. Lots of really good battles in this game, the hero micro was off a little from all of the Rohan's and Mordor's cata micro was dodgy early on, but a really wped game.

Very well played by you guys. Your used a really good strategy imo, and you killed a good number of Mordor's trolls with two eowyns and an Eomer. Butta lost his peoman in early game, I think that you might have been able to attack his base if they survived, but they got killed. Taterz could have left one horse to try and protect them, but with land it might have done nothing. You both did a really good job in mid game running through Mordor's cata army trying to kill his catas, and it was confusing them. Taterz got Theo's Gc and Eomer to level 5 and a huge HA army, but when you lost Eomer you never revived him. You definitely woulda done even more damage to Mordor's base if you revived him. Butta did a good job defending, and the base attacks from Taterz hampered Mordor alot and gave him PPS. The game tipped in your favor when you summoned ents to Rohan's base and made him quit, leaving Mordor by himself. Eventually Mordor's army fell apart, using the two Ews to destroy that army that seemed pretty unstoppable was great.

You guys didn't play THAT bad but I felt you were outplayed in some points of the game. Mordor's cata micro and useage was bad in mid game, and Segway lost combos alot before they reached Mordor's drummers. Shoulda sent a troll or two to escort the combos to your army, because you fed Rohan pps by losing them. Also after Segway lost those combos, he should have tried to make elves or even his own Horse Archers, as he did have Theo with GC. The only thing I could suggest is better micro and macro, because thats what killed the both of you more then anything in this game. Still you played fairly well and it seemed like you would win until Segway's base was attacked.

Overall Rating: 8

Silver and Rotw Contender
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#2`daii  Jul 12 2007, 00:52 AM -
all i did was run & try to not die this game biggrin.gif

ty taterz ftw biggrin.gif
#3Taterz  Jul 12 2007, 00:53 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
The word best suited to sum this game up = "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL"
#4Segway  Jul 12 2007, 11:56 AM -
Excellent play by TB well done, You made an absolute piss take out of us smilie_bleh.gif tongue.gif
I dont wanna put this game down at all but please for anyone who watches this i dont normally make so many mistakes and lose so many units was just a really bad game from me.
#5purpose  Jul 12 2007, 12:40 PM -
Very funny game to watch tbh biggrin.gif

Me and payback played a cw awhile back in this matchup. We being Mordor Rohan vs NiGs dbl Rohan. They were not happy after the game and claimed we were lame campers.

But tbh this game kinda proves how bad it can be if Mordor Rohan starts trying to be to offensive. With a fast Rohan army like that it can to strait to hell very fast if you are to far up on th emap.

We did what we had to do to win and I actually think we would have lost if we had been playing it more offensive like in this game biggrin.gif
#6Segway  Jul 12 2007, 12:56 PM -
Campers need to go die numchuks.gif

#7purpose  Jul 12 2007, 13:13 PM -
QUOTE(Segway @ Jul 12 2007, 12:56 PM) *

Campers need to go die numchuks.gif


But what is a camper? In gondor its obvious but with Mordor?
#8FreedomX10A  Jul 12 2007, 13:19 PM -
doing nothing but massing trolls and then catas while never doing anything for offense
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#9Taterz  Jul 12 2007, 16:44 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Yey for Good feedback biggrin.gif
#10shaulin  Jul 12 2007, 23:58 PM -
QUOTE(purpose @ Jul 12 2007, 13:40 PM) *
Very funny game to watch tbh biggrin.gif
Me and payback played a cw awhile back in this matchup. We being Mordor Rohan vs NiGs dbl Rohan. They were not happy after the game and claimed we were lame campers.

i wasn't in that game but yes, from what i heard you camped.
want to know how mordor/rohan can camp? heres how.. and coincidently.. what you did.
we all know that mor/roh can easily out LD rohan.. so a quick, nicely performed attack on one of the rohans = gg usually.
but instead.. you got 4 trolls, drummer, combos, should be gg right?
nope.. instead you stayed, and stayed, and stayed, and got trolls, and more trolls and catas, and more catas.
so you had to let double rohan come to YOU.. that shouldnt really happen man, you should be pressuring them and forcing them back.

but i dont even care about that and i wasnt even there so meh, but dont start any "they claimed we were this or that when we clearly outplayed them hahaha" stuff.. and dont delete my post either.

uhm..back on topic.. gg...

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