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Battle for Middle Earth

Fiesta QM 1.09

#1Dunedain`  Jan 19 2022, 05:30 AM -

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Amazing back and forth game. After a horrible start the 2 evil armies struggle to keep themselfs in the game, only one man can save them.... Saruman!
Will it be enough tho?
Rog, aod etc, Saruman, Gandy, Gimli, lego.

Enjoy Valsa!
#2ValsaDoom  Jan 21 2022, 04:47 AM -
Top left Yoshi playing Isengard
Top right ABDe (aka Dunedain) playing Mordor


Bottom left necromancer playing Gondor
Bottom right Karuskas (aka Felixanius) playing Rohan

One of each MU always makes great replays when experts are on exhibit, each of these guys will shine at some point and will show us some of the best performance each MU can do in this entertaining replay brought to us by Dunedain, thanks for sharing by the way!

At the start of the game necromancer(Goondor) placed Land next to the mill in front of Yoshi's base, Yoshi W/C anyways while ABDe(Mordor) cover with Tainted Land, this is simple logic, necromancer had the upper hand by placing Land, W/C would have been then of no utility for Yoshi, and by letting his team-mate lose this round Dunedain knew he would suffer from this decision as well, so instead of risking making potential gains using eye on his orcs, he covered with Tainted Land for his mate in order to get a sure win for his team which they could bring to the Bank.

But this first round in favor of the Top side players, came to a cost, Dunedain had to sacrifice eco and instead of going Slaughter Houses fast, he made a second orc pit, cause with no eye or what so ever, he needed to spam more orcs in order to compensated, so far so good for the Fod team.

Karuskas showed us how to creep fast with peasants and a hobbit, next thing you know he gets the middle outpost and called Teo for duty, in early game facing only orcs and Huruks this is the perfect timing for leveling up Teo.

necromancer had the knights asap on the field, so much to feed on in early game, he knew he had not a minute to waste, but for some reasons he went to rush ABDe's base, this one had towers and Trolls as a result necromancer lost one set of Knights, but managed to do some damages, then ABDe decided to keep only one orc pit.

Karuskas had his Teo to level 4 in no time and was spamming archers then elves, when his team mate beacon for an other rush on ADBe, this time with Teo's G/C + forged-blades+Armour+shield, Trolls were ready to counter, but the Troll cage went down anyway.

Since necromancer was the greatest menace for the time being, with Knights rushing every where, Yoshi went fast pikes then pikes-combos. But knights are hard to catch with pikes, or even with Trolls, and then Elves from Karuskas, the Trolls and pikes worst enemies were moving forward to assist the Knights rushing ABDe again and again, slowing him down bad enough so the WK was far from being called for duty, the best answer for the situation was to call Saruman for duty, and so Yoshi did so, the second he had enough cash at the bank, and all of a sudden the game changed side again.

necromancer was doing such a great micro management with his knights that Karuskas found the time to bring more Heroes for action, more heroes means more attention and focus and ofc work, but also more FUN, so after Teo came Lego, after playing around and assisting necromancer on an other rush on ABDe, Yoshi decided to take some toy away from Karuskas, first his Lutz pinned down Lego next Saruman set him to bed with fireball.

Then necromancer's GTG got ready for duty, and Saruman and Lurtz fled behind more secured area.

Karuskas set-up a beacon for the next rendez-vous, right in front of Yoshi's base this time, and the Knights of necromancer benefited of an other G/C, 2 furnaces went down, using wisely both Saruman and Lurtz, Yoshi managed to keep his Armory operational he was still in need to get fire for his combos. Then necromancer hit on ABDe's base again, made some damages and hurry to join Teo to hit on Yoshi's base again, while the Knights of necomancer, assisted by Gandy (now GTW) were rushing from one base to an other while Karuskas had Elves just a little behind to support, at this point Yoshi and ABDe had their back against the wall.

An other G/C, 3 sets of Knights again rushing Yoshi, but Isengard combos were back to defend, Karuskas placed Land, ABDe covered, necomancer covered over, and then Yohsi decided that rain could wait, and placed the final cover all, and Teo was sent to bed.

So be it, all FoL changed side in order to rush ABDe's base now, but ABDe managed to push back the enemy with Yoshi's help, then Yoshi decided to split his forces to better answer battles to come.

In that case let's fight them on both bases! Told themselves the 2 FoL players, and while Karuskas moved forward his elves, necromancer had Trebs to support him, and at the same time he was rushing Yoshi's base using his Knights.

With only 4 Trolls + 1 Drummer, ABDe had enough of this child play and made a risky move, chasing after the enemy units, necromancer did not care for those Trolls and decided to go head on in the FoD army right after Karuskas had gave him G/C, but Yoshi used worm tongue and all knights became his, some Elves were sent to bed but all Knights died, The FoD had to stop there and think about the next move, since Karuskas had Teo, Lego, Gimli and Aragorn called for duty, but since the mighty Knights of necromancer were gone, might as well bring all they have in one single spot, and that is the middle outpost.

Missing only half a PP for Rain, Yoshi attacked the statue and well, sent Teo to bed and next thing you know cast Rain, the outpost fell and for the first time the FoL pull back their forces, but Aragorn was pinned down and sent to bed, minutes later Gimli had the same treatment, the outpost became Isengard's.

necromancer was still harassing the enemy, maybe one time too many and lost his last knights to the WK. So more Trebs and more Knights were called for duty and the outpost fell again, but the FoD players were better prepared and ready to move forward has Rain was falling down, Knights on G/C were again under Saruman's worm-tongue, and Karuksas had to find refuge inside his Castle followed by necromancer.

To much to handle in this Rohan Castle, so the FoD players aimed at necromancer's Castle, the WK was used to clean most of the trebs, then the Trolls knocked down the walls, and all this evil army went inside but before they could make real damage, the FoL players decided to kick them out, since none of em were vaccinated. Saruman and Lurtz among the victims...

After such affront the FoL players decided to retaliate and went for Yoshi's base, but in his madness necromancer lost Gandy, and Yoshi is now only few PPs from the Rog.

After this fail attack on Yoshi's base Karuskas set for ABDe's base but got trapped mid way between Mordor and the outpost, many heroes fell.

Then in front of Rohan's Castle, Gandy level 9 was sent to bed and the next second Saruman level 10 too, in the after math, Yoshi found himself with more PPs then he needed to get the Rog, and it was Good night Karuskas!

Now time to destroy necromancer Gondor Castle, Gandy got out of the citadel, then tried to get level 10 by blasting anything, but Yoshi used FireBall (this is a cool option Saruman gets only on patch 1.09) from Saruman and sent back Gandy to bed, later-on necromancer got the AOD and after using it he pulled the plug, time to go to bed.

Lose with Honor win with Glory!

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