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Battle for Middle Earth


#1LATINO  Oct 20 2021, 20:09 PM -

#2ValsaDoom  Oct 23 2021, 13:41 PM -
Even with several maps added on version 1.09 Anorien remains one of the 2v2 favorites for BFME1, still nice confrontation between these 4 players, who seem to have nothing more to learn and much to teach/show in this 4th game.

Left side Rohan Th0rin` and Gondor Karuskas


Right side Rohan Bwel and Isengard necromancer

First good move goes in favor of Karuskas, knowing he was the only one having land he placed it next to closest farm he could find, and made it his territory, Bwel lost his farm.

Second good move goes again to Karuskas, when again he placed land close to a mill which result in canceling W/C for Bwel's Roherrims in this area, this one sent his Roherrims with the intention to creep the wargs close by while still under W/C influence, but Karukas sent knights and luckily for him, had the last say in addition to the money that came with it, the game was then very much in favor of the left team.

Not yet defeated and determined to turn this game around, necromancer was leveling up his Lurtz with much success along with spamming pikes, but pikes are not as much efficient on enemy land, and even worst vs RA*, and Th0rin` had already few of em along with Teo and Eomer.

Then necromancer came with Saruman and aimed to the middle camp's spot, he and Bwel were the only one with the money to buy the camp, but both went for other options, up grades were long overdue, but since necromancer had good eco, before long he again had the money to by the middle camp, and so he did.

Betting both on horses, RA* for Th0rin` and knights for Karuskas the idea was to dividing the enemy by harassing them as many places as possible, necromancer with units on foot couldn't keep up with Bwel's RA*, forcing this one to slow down his offensive.

But never mind that, 3rd good move goes to both necromancer and Bwel, when at Th0rin`'s castle front door, the Isengard player cast W/C on Bwel's naked RA* which resulted in killing Th0rin`'s Teo, forcing him to close the door and fear for the worst, seems not like Th0rin`' normal behavior... his next step is having his Eomer killed as well, what is this non-sense?
Yeah, it appears that even the pros can look bad some times, but giving false hope to the enemy can make someone look weak for one moment to an invincible foe in the next, all this time Karuskas was rushing necromancer's base without real opposition, forcing the enemy to retreat and split forces.

Next confrontation Th0rin` lost Teo and Eomer again, but by sacrificing them he keeps his team mate's Gandy free to make more damages, again.

Then Bwel gets Aragorn, that should have given his team a serious advantage. But what can one do versus an entire army on glory charge? Then came the rain, maybe this will give the right team what it takes to win this? At least it made the left team back off! Until trebuchets were shipped to the front.

Rain not ready yet, Roherrims on glory charge and trebuchets hitting everything on the field, the middle camp was gone in seconds, the right team armies were slaughter, and Bwel had enough, good night Bwel! And then good night necromancer!

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP imo was Bwel, did pretty much all the right moves but lost anyway...

Congratulations to Th0rin` and Karuskas for their Victory!

*RA; Roherrims Archers

Please Note, that unfortunately game no2 which was won by Isengard/Bwel and Mordor/necromancer Vs Rohan/Th0rin` and Mordor/Karuskas was not released for a technical issue and therefore was not reviewed.
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