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Battle for Middle Earth

A Terrific Game!

#1Dunedain`  Feb 9 2022, 23:47 PM -

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A game full of action with 1 side playing defensive whole game and other side playing aggressive!
A game with aods, rog, rank 10 heroes & every units.
who would win? see for your self! smile.gif
#2LATINO  Feb 10 2022, 09:01 AM -

sick game
#3gahvin  Feb 10 2022, 14:38 PM -
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AODs all over the place, crazy game.
#4witch_king988  Feb 11 2022, 09:27 AM -
Replays: 37
Where is review, looks like epic replay

#5ValsaDoom  Feb 11 2022, 13:19 PM -

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QUOTE(witch_king988 @ Today, 04:27 AM)
Where is review, looks like epic replay


Thx for showing some interest in my reviews, and sorry for the waiting.
I watched this replay days ago, but canít find the time to make proper review, for sure there`s going to be 2 MVPs , one on each teams, please stay tuned.
#6ValsaDoom  Feb 12 2022, 23:40 PM -
Top left martinms600 playing Rohan
Top mid-left akselus playing Rohan
Top mid-right Th0rin` playing Isengard
Top right PvtCowboy playing Gondor


Bottom left Bwel playing Rohan
Bottom mid-left ABDe playing Gondor
Bottom mid-right BL|Felixaniu playing Rohan
Bottom right Morl playing Gondor

Have you ever heard the expression "God-like"?

In this replay, you'll find an example of the meaning of it.

Thee who puts his trust in the hands of his team-mates in such way, knows they won't hesitate a second to pay the ultimate price in order to make sure he will accomplish his goal.

Once again in this replay on patch 1.09 all Gondor players went fast Boromir, all Rohan players went fast Teo but martinms600 who tried his luck with Legolas, Th0rin` went fast Lurtz, then akselus and Bwel called Eomer while BL|Felixaniu called Legolas for duty and a fight of the North Vs South started at the right Troll's lair in the middle of the map, martinms600 was busy with Lego creeping wargs on the left side, the rest of the top side players decided that at 3v4, they were better off returning home.

Strong from being the only ones with GC, thx to Felix, the Bottom side players went North on the right side, PvtCowboy's, akselus and Th0rin` came to confront them, but once they noticed BL|Felixaniu used GC, aksekus had to back down, he had no intention of feeding the enemy, then Th0rin` WC all units, combos with pikes assisted by PvtCowboy's Boromir and a second later Felix lost his Teo, now akselus has GC, the tides are turned and the bottom side players made a U turn, all units fled but one Hero was left behind, and it was good night Lego!

Note that ABDe had nothing on the field from the start except for his soldiers, Boromir and Faramir, while his team-mates were doing all the heavy lifting in enemy territory, he slowly prepared against counter attacks, now he's making TG, and since he's doing nothing else, he managed to get a big bank account and with it comes the opportunity to call GTG for duty.

On the left side martinms600 hold the outpost while on the right side BL|Felixaniu hold the other outpost, but akselus, Th0rin` and PvtCowboy made an attack on the right outpost, a minute later PvtCowboy bought the outpost on akselus request.

With only Gandy riding, ABDe tried to assist any team-mates with horses aiming at something, without mobile units, this was the only way for Dunedain to get Power Points, not to count the huge leadership bonus that he could provide for those units, but akselus made his work harder with his army roaming the map with Teo, Eomer and now Aragorn assisting his lethal Roherrim-Archers, he had all the tools to be the Hero killer.

If Dunedain can't find something, then he'll find someone, maybe a sole player making hazardous and risky moves on the left side of the map, like martinms600 who left his outpost and exposed himself like a free meal to the road-runner and Dunedain sent his GTG yes that is only Gandy the grey not the white, alone no need for support, all by himself Gandy was able to feed and ran away easy does it! Elves blasted away and Bye bye Teo, not even the need to heal and now it's GTW! All the while Dunedain had his Boromir level 4 assisting Felix's elves as support and Morl was also doing the same with his GTG and Mighty Nights, but Felix could not take the right outpost, too heavily guarded.

Now with both outposts owned by the Top side players, from the outpost of PvtCowboy to the right, Th0rin` prepared for War, and the best way to break those warriors' spirit, was to destroy the thing that they believe-in the most, their unity! They aimed at the middle of em, in hope of splitting their forces.

Dunedain was ready, and Trebuchets were already at work in the Gondor player's camp, Morl placed land and akselus covered, but Trebs can hurt big time anywhere. It doesn't matter for Th0rin` and he went in with Saruman and combos, lost his Lurtz after pinning down Gandy, nobody cared healing him, and the Top side players lost a great opportunity.

So many Heroes everywhere from everybody, Th0rin` being the only one Fod, lost both Heroes, and the only consolation for his team was when akselus took out Dunedain's Boromir.

Gathering at the outposts the top side players had to refresh/heal their units before making an other attack. Still without mobile units Dunedain had to use the Power-Points menu to get units, and since he had accumulated lots of PPs thx to his Trebs, he summoned the Roherrims and rushed the left outpost, but martinms600 had Archers in the citadel and Th0rin` had pikes still positioned there, Dunedain had to find something else to aim at, farms and mils turned-out to be more reasonable targets, then Lurtz coming out fresh from the land of the dreams tried to feed on the Roherrims, Dunedain spotted him and Gandy reminded him that this is a Nightmare, and he must return back to it, bye bye Lurtz!

This little satisfaction came at a cost, playing 3 v 4 while Dunedain was playing God, Morl lost his GTG, now PvtCowboy has a GTG, he too decided to built siege weapons, and so is Th0rin` with Ballistas. Then they pushed forward while Rain falls. akselus took out Felix's Teo, before he got the chance to GC Bwel's RAs, The top side players aimed at Felix's camp but Dunedain had Trebs moved over there, Morl's too. Then they changed target to Morl's camp in the right corner, but Trebs there too, this turned out to be the offense playing defense, and while everybody was at his frontiers front doors, Dunedain tried again rushing the left outpost with the Roherrims and this time he succeeded, now he get the PPs for the Eagles, but akselus has the PPs for Cloudbreak, except Cloudbreak is not much of a great asset when you flee from the enemy, stubborn martinms600 lost everything in Bwel's camp, akselus had the bad surprise of having nowhere to get shelter after finding that the left outpost was gone, and Eagles took both his Roherrims level 10, he finally found refuge at the right outpost.

At the next confrontation, tired of having Rain over their heads, Bwel made Cloudbreak, he too did it while running away from akselus impressive army, and PvtCowboy's Gandy. With only one unit to look after (Gandy level 10) Dunedain summoned for a 3rd time the Roherrims and rushed the right outpost while martinms600 took the advantage that the left outpost was available to take it back, next thing you know Dunedain had the AOD, and he had no choice but to use it defensively, since the battle was brought to their territory from early in the game.

A minute after the AOD had done heavy damaged including getting rid of Lurtz, the players from the Top side reorganized the attack, and prepared their troops for a next fast offensive before Dunedain calls back the AOD, then akselus put all his weight to take out a God, unfortunately it takes more then that and with a snap of his fingers using Word of Power, Dunedain's Gandy destroyed his entire army 0/80, only Heroes survived.

Again alone martinms600 had the funny idea to take on the left side all by himself, Dunedain was about to get used to take care of the situation easily, but this time he summoned the Eagles in addition to his Gandy.... Surprise!!! martinms600 learn a lot from his previous mistakes and the God was sent back to paradise! Sleep well Gandy!

During this time the rest of the Top side team was moving forward on the right, then Dunedain summoned the AOD again, and again akselus was 0/80.

But akselus finally managed to get the AOD and sent the Ghost to enemy camps, something Dunedain was only dreaming of doing but couldn't. PvtCowboy took the opportunity while the enemy was running to cover, to send his Eagles to bring down Morl's Gandy, turned out this Gandy took them both off the sky in one strike from Istari light.

But who cares for that Gandy when there is another one level 10 coming back from the Dead, and akselus used the Arrow wind from his level 10 Legolas to take this GTW out, turned out Dunedain had heal ready, but that was not enough and it took a second heal to save the Wizard, thx to Felix!

After many heroes felled from the Top side players, maybe by trying to hard, Th0rin` managed to get the ROG, he took a shot at Dunedain's camp then chasing off by his AOD he went to Bwel's camp and took the citadel and half of the camp with it too, before going back where he came from (underground)

The next minute Felix had AOD in akselus's camp but even with both Gondor players rushing it, akselus was still holding on, and Dunedain lost his Gandy level 10 once more but this time to the hands of PvtCowboy when he summoned the Eagles.

This intrusion in enemy territory gave the opportunity to the Bottom side players to take back both outposts. Th0rin` felt the urge to move faster and started spamming Wargs, things were going the wrong way now, the roles are inverted, first they need to take back an outpost, and martinms600 wanted his old outpost back, good thing he has AOD now, him and Th0rin` made the necessary and the outpost of theirs, too bad Saruman was sent to bed.

Right after that Th0rin` was again in Bwel's camp with his Rog, but AOD was all over him, if only one heal was given, and that was it, but akselus and martinms600 both failed to use it, and Bwel survived, next thing you know Dunedain used his AOD but with little achivement, the akselus got the AOD ready again, but waited long before using it, maybe too long...

The left outpost still belong to the Topside players, Morl did not care and sent his Gandy level 10, all aimed at him but most left to a better world when Gandy cast the Word of Power. Then while Dunedain and Felix were rushing akselus's camp, Th0rin` and martinms600 were rushing Bwel's, and succeeded with the help of PvtCowboy's AOD, but it was too late for akselus who was sent too bed too, Good night guys!

Now 3v3 and Morl sent all he had with Dunedain to rush Th0rin`'s camp meaning Dunedain AOD and Knights, and Rohirrims, and it was GG

Lose with Honor win with Glory!

MVP for Top side team = akselus
MVP for bottom team = ABDe (aka Dunedain)
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#7Beterwel  Feb 15 2022, 21:59 PM -
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crazy game and nice review!
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