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Battle for Middle Earth

Crazy back and forth game 1.09

#1Dunedain`  Feb 16 2022, 16:33 PM -

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This game has everything, big fights, gandy, saruman, aod, rog. Really exciting, you never know who's gonna live or die next, or who will win in the end. I wont spoil more, enjoy Valsa!
#2ValsaDoom  Feb 18 2022, 03:54 AM -
Top left BoogyMan playing Isengard
Top mid-left MaNi4 playing Rohan
Top mid-right Yoshi playing Gondor
Top right Bwel playing Rohan


Bottom left gahvin playing Isengard
Bottom mid-left Th0rin` playing Isengard
Bottom mid-right CROAT playing Isengad
Bottom right x6tence|GB2 playing Rohan

MaNi4 asked BoogyMan to save the warg's lair for Teo, but once he noticed gahvin had sent Uruks to feed Teo, who cares about the lair.
BoogyMan used old good Isengard tactics, first with blood-thirst to get level 2, then fast blades, and with some orc-laborers well positioned, he was ready to hurt the enemy real bad.

Caught with his pants down gahvin decided to do the same thing to his unwanted visitor, but this one had more help to defend, BoogyMan lost only Uruk-pit compared to half a camp including citadel.

Lots of confrontations everywhere, and since FoL only have a max of 80/80, you can found yourself with no army in a matters of seconds, but for the time being it is gahvin (Fod) who got himself in the fat boy's position with 14/180 for 2 reasons, until now he remains the main target from the enemy, and second thing he has poor support to help, but in this team, there is 3 Isengards and only 1 Rohan (x6tence|GB2) and this one is located at the complete opposite side, which makes it hard to send help.

This is a complete other story for the Top side team, moving from one camp to support an other at the other side of the map, is easy when you ride! For some reasons Yoshi had only few knights on the field, he seemed to focused on micro managing GTW From North to South, then East to West, he did not send his Gandy were he wanted it to, but where he needed it too, and after turning a few times around and around because of the 2 Lurtz from the South, in the left part of the map at BoogyMan's camp, he had to send his Gandy to Bwel's camp at the complete right side of the map in a hurry, under heavy Rain, gratuity from CROAT who one minute later pinned him Down, but he managed to stop the attack and survived after using Heal, and thx to MaNi4 who used a second heal on him, right in time!

Now Th0rin` had enough of all these slow units and decided to make wargs, good timing since Yoshi who had only few Knights and plenty room for more units, was spamming Trebs at the moment.

At this point all 4 Lurtzs are dead, all 3 Rohan players have Teo level 4 or more, so many battles on the right side and the left, nobody's in the middle.

Fighting combos under Rain or Roherrims on G/C, Yoshi did not care and sent his Gandy to do the job he has to do, now at level 9 he needs to find a way to get to the Word of Power, but x6tence|GB2 is chasing him with quite an impressive army of RA + Ara + Lego, then Th0rin` gives his team-mate a better target to aim at, and MaNi4 lost his camp, lucky for him he still owned an outpost,Bwel came to the rescue a little too late but since he is about to lose his camp to CROAT, might as well take this camp for the time being, now time to retake Bwel's old camp, Yoshi sent Gandy and trebs, while MaNi4 sent all his army on G/C but got sent to bed when he lost his outpost, a minute later Yoshi gets GTW level 10!

Then first to get enough PP Th0rin` summoned the Balrog, but had to use him in gahvin's camp, it is never a good sign when you have to use AOD or the Rog in your own territory.

Now BoogyMan has the Rog too, and he used it to finish-up gahvin, good night mate!

Later Th0rin` sent wargs to Yoshi's camp, but these dogs broke their jaws on the citadel, must have been some Gandy's new tricks!

At 3 vs 3 this game is about to meet his outcome, the MVP's should give you a hint on who's Team win.

MVP=Th0rin` for saving the Honor
MVP=Yoshi for bringing Glory
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#3LATINO  Feb 18 2022, 08:06 AM -

wow two great mvp's

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