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Battle for Middle Earth

GoNdoR vs MoRdoR epic pro only PoSt comEbAck!

#1korund  May 5 2021, 00:39 AM -
principled battle. struggle of nerves. Sauron rose from the ashes.
#2gahvin  May 5 2021, 12:35 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
#3HungryTroll  May 5 2021, 18:09 PM -
I m real pro, all rep vs me get a wubs!

wp Vova, I will do the same as you, I will find an excuse why I lost.
You say host.
I'll tell you ... I was drunk
#4korund  May 5 2021, 19:53 PM -
drunk is an advantage. sober - you are losing out of fear.
#5korund  May 5 2021, 20:58 PM -
this is my wub. you will remember this game forever. very nicely Mordor is back. you anti-wub for anger!
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