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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] elder vs [HELP]

#1Keidy  Apr 15 2006, 14:46 PM -
This was a cw I just played. Not a flawless game in any way, but still should be a good watch.
Lots of action and the entertainment valu should be high imo.

Review would be great thumb.gif

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#2Jobbies  Apr 15 2006, 14:52 PM -
Mega cash float from me sad.gif . But keidy played really well and his troll spam 0wn3d.gif

But i did have Diarrhoea that day, kept having to run to the toilet 0wn3d.gif j/k biggrin.gif

GG keidy
#3tomac  Apr 15 2006, 14:56 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
good excuse jobbies, a reminder
#4Keidy  Apr 15 2006, 16:32 PM -
QUOTE(Jobbies @ Apr 15 2006, 02:52 PM) *

But i did have Diarrhoea that day, kept having to run to the toilet 0wn3d.gif j/k biggrin.gif

GG keidy

LOL, wouldent surprise me if that was true smilie_bleh.gif
You are leet Jobbies bowdown.gif biggrin.gif

Anyway, there were lots of things i should done different, and many misstakes were made.
But i will probably do the same misstakes again a couple of 100 times before I learn from them wink.gif

GG Jobbies smile.gif
#5Starsinger  Apr 15 2006, 21:32 PM -
go keidy! go keidy! go keidy!
#6lynxthechosen  Apr 16 2006, 12:14 PM -
Replays: 10 Game:
#7lynxthechosen  Apr 16 2006, 13:45 PM -
Replays: 10 Game:
|Elder|TopGun(Mordor) v [Help]ImNot1337(Rohan)

Map: Fords of Isen



Build Order: Pit,2 lumer mills,Gollum
PP: Eye,Tl,Industry,Darkness,Balrog

thum.gif Extra workers
thum.gif Used haradrim formations
thum.gif Put haradrim in op for defence
thum.gif Nice creeping
thum.gif Used trolls with trees to kill heroes
thum.gif Great use of Balrog

sad.gif Should of demlished haradrim palace
sad.gif Poor use of drummer trolls at times
sad.gif Camped at base alot
sad.gif Poor harrassment
sad.gif No use of screech

Comments: You played a good game but due to the fact that you kept your trolls camped at your base let your opponent gain mc and get more fu elves by his large amount of income from his farms.also there was no real use of your haradrim palace near the start of the game which you should of demlosihed or build some sword guys wacko.gif to counter his horses earlier.You used your witching well to let your troops gain leadership but you should of used screech to scare his elves which you then could attack with trolls.

Rating: 6



Build Order: 2 farms in,2 farms out,merry
PP: Draft,Heal,Anduril,Cloud Break,Elves

thum.gif Fast op
thum.gif Nice creeping
thum.gif constant harrassment
thum.gif Put archers in op for defence
thum.gif Used formatiosn correctly
thum.gif Used legolas's train archers ability

sad.gif Poor early peasant spam
sad.gif Trampled in wedge formation
sad.gif Bad horse micro
sad.gif Didnt demolish farms when orange hp
sad.gif Built armoury at risky spot

Comments: You played an equally good game but yyou should of got legolas as your 2nd hero to gain lvls up with him earlier and counnter the trolls easier.Your early peasant spam was terrbile as you didnt even get to attack his lumber mills.Also when your farms are getting attacked you should demlolish them when they are orange hp to get money back and to stop the enemy getting pp points from it.However you got a fast op and didnt lose it and you creeped nicely aswell as harrasing his lumber mills constantly. biggrin.gif

Rating: 5


Match Comments: this was a good game between mordor and rohan where rohan lost his army several times and heroes but didnt give up and the mordor player got the balrog and used him to his greatest ability to win the match.

Entertainment value:6

Overall game rating:5

IPB Image

#8Keidy  Apr 16 2006, 18:19 PM -
Thanx m8, good review.

I find it hard to know when to be agressiv with trolls early game. Its so easy to lose 1,2 or even 3 of them if you run in to yeomen/elvs/RA + legy, and then you will be wounerebl when the attack at your base comes, witch it inevitebl will.
I have yet to see a Mordor play like in 1.02, tak mc and start a seige at the Rohan player. Rohan has to much of advanteg early game with rohirrim and fast fire compared to mordors "slow" units.

Need to work on this tbh (to be more agressiv and so on wink.gif )

Also good point with the palace, and i reeeeaaly need to work on protecting my mils with rhuns. Jobbies did a great job harrasing me during the whole game without me ever put protection out.

But the day I play a flawless game, I will quit and never comeback so biggrin.gif
#9Jobbies  Apr 16 2006, 20:18 PM -
Thx for the review! About the peasant spam. By the time i had got more peasants i would have had cav out anyway so there was no point wink.gif . I also didn't need anymore b/c i can creep with 2 peasants and a hobbit biggrin.gif . But i agree with my horse micro i was pretty disapointed in it this game sad.gif .I didn't expect any reviewer to pick them up as these are the kind of things in the mind of the player smile.gif . Again good review!
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