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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Gondor sieging Isen tbh..

#1Chen  Aug 7 2005, 21:43 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
yo yo yo, here is a game of me against hero....he says i play to defensively..probably true...I would like tips from you ELVEN but anyone else can review if they want biggrin.gif !thx wink.gif....I think there is a bug, because it went out of synch when he used his rohirrim, and in the replay they seem like they have forged blades...i have no idea though...btw hope this isn't a noob replay tongue.gif
EDIT: like HERO said new gondor strat
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#2HERO  Aug 7 2005, 21:54 PM -
Feel the pressure.

#3Pak  Aug 7 2005, 21:58 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Feel the pain

#4Pak  Aug 7 2005, 21:59 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
btw where did you found that b,/b?
#5HERO  Aug 7 2005, 22:04 PM -
What's b/b?

Btw - I think I started a new Gondor BO inside. Check it out! It's the 4th time I did this and its been successful.
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#6Elven111  Aug 7 2005, 23:43 PM -
k I'll check it out, curious to see what the new Gondor BO is smile.gif
#7TrIcE  Aug 8 2005, 00:26 AM -
Replays: 6 Game:
lol chen u had like 2 mills the whole game.
U need to split up ur pikes when attacking his farms and build mills over the farm spots :/
And also sell ur towers, u gave hero tons of pp, thats how he got eagles.
#8Chen  Aug 8 2005, 00:44 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
<---noob tbh... biggrin.gif
#9Elven111  Aug 8 2005, 01:40 AM -
Fun game to watch w/ a lot of action going on. Rep was bugged for me though, it ended around the time of the Rohirrim summons so I wasn't able to see the Rohirrim damage output. There's a lot of cons but they're mostly small things about micro and other little touches that could improve play a little, I thought for the most part it was a very gg although Isen could've been more aggressive.

Review of [EPIC]HERO vs Ch3n on Fords of Isen:

[EPIC]HERO (Gondor):

Starting BO: barracks, 2 outer farms
Strat: extra soldier to knights to SW/Gandy/trebs

+ constant harassment of mills
+ extra soldier batt + EW helped keep down 1 of his mills for a while
+ upgraded towers at OPs shut down harassment of your farms
+ laid a few traps where he had to choose b/w being trampled or WB
+ killed Saruman/Lurtz a few times
+ fast SW shut down his ram rush and put him on defensive fr/ then on
+ spammed TL at a few mills/creeps
+ early Elf summons for dealing w/ pikes w/o armor

- didn't always use right forms during shield rushes b4 UPs (attacking in line, running in wedge)
- trampled pikes in form a few times (lost a cav batt here and there to them)
- faster UPs would've made cav rushes more effective earlier
- cast EW when u knew he had TL (pikes were dead so didn't need it for bug)
- stopped spamming EW too early
- no fire for trebs (had the cash and would've made them more effective)
- slow to grab top OP (would've shut down upper mill faster b/c it's close to it)
- slow to take back some of your settlements pikes had killed
- could've attacked lower mill earlier w/ soldiers + didn't go for laborers 1st
- wasted WB trying to kill moving pikes
- let Elf summons die each time (could've moved them to castle once they did their job)
- had an Eagle just hovering above Isen base until towers killed it

Ch3n (Isengard):

Starting BO: uruk pit, 2 mills
Strat: pikes to ram rush to pike spam

+ didn't cast WC unless it was near bldgs so he couldn't counter w/ EW
+ extra laborers for mills
+ 2 pikes protecting each mills once u had the cash for it
+ had base well protected thereby minimizing damage of shielded cav rush
+ got xbows to take out soldiers on EW
+ constant harassment of farms w/ pikes until Gandy was out
+ kept pikes on the move so Gandy couldn't WB them
+ took industry b4 fuel the fires when u realized u were trapped in base
+ went for TL after WC to counter EW for free use of WC

- no towers early on to protect base (cav would've had to retreat faster)
- uruk pit/armory were too close to the front (never lost them but pit was almost dead)
- built Lurtz too early (could've used more pikes/towers)
- didn't always have pikes in porc. and a few knights got away
- had a lot of cash laying around and room for more pikes but slow to get them
- had pikes harassing farms paired (should've split to hit both sides)
- should've built mills over settlements after u killed farms (had pop cap for more pikes)
- fought soldiers on EW at beginning
- lost a lot of xbows to Pippin (should've sent uruks after him b4 soldiers)
- poor casting of 1st WC (missed the full uruk batt + xbows would've benefited more fr/ it)
- had a lot of laborers at 1 mill at certain points (should've redistributed them)


Non-stop game w/ lots of action taking place. A new BO for Gondor threw Isen off guard as he wasn't expecting 3rd soldier batt + placing EW at top mill shut it down for a bit. Gondor's early actions really hurt Isen as he had went for an early pit and had no other eco bldgs other then his 2 mills. Isen got out pikes pretty fast but was slow w/ towers and early cav kept up constant pressure on base. Isen tried a ram rush but fast SW fr/ Gondor shut it down and Isen was basically forced into his base w/ just 2 mills and some raiding pikes until Gandy came. Strats were good but a little risky, Gondor's BO relied too much on outer farms and had Isen went for them, it could've complicated things as both players would've had a poor eco. Isen's problem was being a little too defensive, I knew after the ram rush failed b/c of early SW that Gondor would win this one once he had AOD. Micro was very good at start but progressively got worse as more and more units came into play. A very entertaining game, I'll submit this one for ROTW. However, it falls short of Silver b/c it was clear early on that Gondor was going to win, along w/ a number of micro mistakes fr/ both players which increased as time went on.

Rating: 6/10
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#10scantlin  Aug 8 2005, 01:41 AM -
Replays: 4
What a nice and agressive microing of horses thum.gif

HERO r0x tongue.gif
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