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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Nice IsenVsRohan

#1M3lkor  Jul 16 2005, 10:31 AM -
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today i played vs racto2 in Quickmatch and he played not bad i really had some trouble ..
maybe he should have ent rushed me but he made Horse Archers and aragorn instead of ents.
10 mins ago i watched the replay and i saw something strange he build ents and they jumped from 15% to 100% in less than a second ... but i havent attacked the enting at all so is it a bug or a cheat what do u guys think?? and a review would be nice
#2mrfuji  Jul 16 2005, 11:11 AM -
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I think it´s a bug and not a cheat mellow.gif

#3Erbgorre  Jul 16 2005, 11:22 AM -
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didnt watch it but is it possible that the entmoot got attacked by creeps? this happens sometimes... if not id say its gotta been a bug for sure. i played racto2 3times in qm and there he always entrushed me. and he did it quite well i lost the first one. i won the others tho but only cause i got an outpost and built 2 rams from there cause he had nothing to guard his base. but in all 3 games i couldnt fend off his entrush and my base got destroyed. it was some time ago tho

when we r talking bout bugs here i have to mention a game i had today. an isen vs rohan vs dark0rider and there i saw him lvling his hobbit quite weird. i was trying to kill him with a group of uruks and he always threw a rock then ran 2 steps away changing to sword and back again to rock then throwing again killing a uruk and gaining a lvlup. and this 4 times in a row. he only killed 4 uruks but he was lv6 when i finally killed him oO i think its a bug that has to do with the weapon switching cause that would be the only reason i see he couldve done this for...
there was another minor but weird bug i didnt know. my lurtz was standing outside one corner of his castle and from this position was able to shoot through the wall and hit his stable. looked really funny^^ of course its kinda senseless to shoot the stable with his arrow but anyways it looked strange happy.gif
#4BLaCK ViRuS  Jul 16 2005, 12:40 PM -
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ya it's big bug

i hate it @@
#5Chen  Jul 16 2005, 16:49 PM -
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i'll review this
#6Chen  Jul 16 2005, 18:19 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
PerfectNoob(Isengard) vs racto2(Rohan)
Map: S. Ithilien


+Interesting BO
+Early Theo
++GJ stacking ara/theo/eomer LD for the horse archerers
+/-Was able to destroy his mini-camp but allowed him to get it back

--Poor peasent spam, wasn't great. You had group of peasents hanging around at one time, and you also didn't fight uruks that much, you did a lot of running away
---You left the door open!!! If isen was agressive player then you would've been dead 0wn3d.gif ! You made a transparent door later in the game but you still kept the door open!!!(i'm guessing you open the door to let in, but you never closed it really)
--I saw at one point you were going to build an armory but you decided to cancel the build. I think that if you would've gotten heavy armor earlier for you horses archerers you had a better chance of winning
---Poor micro of your horses archerers allowed isen to get freezing rain
:TIP: When you made ents and was attacking his mini-camp, you should've used aragorn to attack the towers so that he could gain xp very quick and the ents could attack the buildings and citadal

Summary: You should try to use you peasents in a better way. Maybe you should've used ents for his main camp. You did a good job with getting your horse archerers out and getting a lot of LD, but its too bad that isengard got rain. gg


+Good BO
+Had a lot of uruks out on the field to hold of peasent spam
+++Was able to get both mini camps and take map control
+You won! smile.gif

-Making all those uruks kind of messed up the uruk pit getting to rank 2, maybe you could've tried uruks, archerers, then archerers again
--Poor use of lurtz, you pinned theo but no army to back up your lurtz VeryFunny.gif
---I have no idea why you got wargs. Instead you should've got siege works(even though opponents door was open), and got more archerers to back up your pikes
-/+You mills didn't have pikes guarding them, but i guess it was a good decision not to cuz of horse archerers
--When you gained map control you continued to build too many pikes, you should've built more archerers to back them up
-You should give heavy armor to your archerers mad.gif

Summary: You were kind of forced to defend due to horse archerers, but you were able to get both minicamps. That allowed you to change the game and of coarse the rain kind of helped thumb.gif , next time i don't think you should build so many uruks at the beginning, archerers work too. And don't build wargs, FU archerers would've worked better than wargs, gg

I give this game a: 4/10
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#7Blaapie  Jul 17 2005, 13:49 PM -
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-Making all those uruks kind of messed up the uruk pit getting to rank 2, maybe you could've tried uruks, archerers, then archerers again

I think ur wrong Chen...

The thought behind it is that xbows cost 400 and for this money you have 2 Uruks. 2x Uruks kill the peasants easy and gives you the possibility to go to attack 2 farms at the same time. Xbows however go to 1 Farm wich only gives him time. And with Xbows it takes to long to destroy a Farm. Besides, you just build some uruks and then 1 or 2 xbows and your Pit is lvl-ed up anyways. But then you already have MC.
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