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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Good Mordor vs Isen

#1M3lkor  Jul 6 2005, 20:13 PM -
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i havent used balrog for 6 months maybe that was the reason why i lost that match . or what do u guys think?
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#2ToRtUr3  Jul 6 2005, 20:30 PM -
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If you want this game to be reviewed, rename the file to something other than 0000001 and reattach the file. (That also counts for future replays)
#3M3lkor  Jul 6 2005, 20:49 PM -
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#4ToRtUr3  Jul 6 2005, 21:14 PM -
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QUOTE(M3lkor @ Jul 6 2005, 10:49 PM)

next time use the edit button please.

EDIT: Im gonna take this challenging long Review.
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#5M3lkor  Jul 7 2005, 22:37 PM -
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i heard nightmarelrd isnt a RR anymore.
so can someone review this game pls?
#6Elven111  Jul 7 2005, 22:56 PM -
I'm not sure if that's true or not, I don't want to jump the gun so give him another day or two, if not, I'll grab this one for you. He may just be very busy, there's a shortage of RRs right now.
#7M3lkor  Jul 8 2005, 00:08 AM -
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nightmarelord told me in game chat that he isnt a RR anymore so iam sure its true
#8BaSSiL  Jul 8 2005, 00:28 AM -
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yeah he got cut for point pushing... on CW umm anyone else want this? i got enough on my hands ...
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#9Elven111  Jul 8 2005, 11:33 AM -
I'll get it Bassil smile.gif , I know how overworked the RRs are right now.
#10Elven111  Jul 8 2005, 13:13 PM -
Ok I was initially dreading watching this b/c of the size but it turned out to be a very fun match to watch, the tide seemed to constantly turn back and forth b/w Mordor and Isen though it seemed like Isen had the advantage throughout most of the match. Well, here's the review.

Review for PerfectNoob (Isengard) vs WonderChris (Mordor) on Dunharrow:


+ managed to maintain control over your side of the map in beginning
+ on the offensive basically the entire time w/ multiple attacks on Mordor's castle
+ berserker rushes were very effective and Mordor was really crippled by them for a time
+ managed to kill over a few Naz and scores of trolls, orcs
+ good use of Saruman's fireball to kill Naz, trolls, and catas (suffered fr/ the bug w/ a Naz - not your fault though)
+ first to Balrog and managed to get a Naz w/ breathe fire
+ didn't use your TL unless Mordor used his 1st (gave u several safe spots on map)
+ got rain just in time to counter his darkness and kept it raining the whole time
+ good PP progression and use of WC to support your army
+ good harassment of Mordor's mills and outposts (sometimes hitting both sides simultaneously)

- often had industry available but forgot to use it (could've really boosted your early econ.)
- sometimes had heroes away fr/ army (critical to keep LD w/ xbows)
- had Saruman fighting on front lines and lost him once b/c of it
- poor use of Balrog (this was your last chance b/c he got it around the same time as you)
- occasionally used fireball and cripple when Naz were lurking by
- didn't take precautions to prevent Gollum fr/ harassing mills (hurt your econ.)
- had a lot of money lying around, a faster 2nd pit could've helped (you were never at cap)
- occasionally casted WC prematurely when you could've affected more units
- sporadic use of Saruman's speech craft and only gave some xbows armor when you had plenty of money
- there were still some creeps and an empty settlement until the end (would've given you faster Balrog)
- quit too early, Mordor had the advantage but so did you at times and he survived


+ you won the match (though it could've lasted longer had he not quit)
+ used Gollum to harass Isen's mills and cut down his econ.
+ good mix of units
+ good use of Balrog 2nd time wiping out his army
+ often attacked on both sides
+ survived several rushes when it seemed like you were dead
+ managed to pull Naz out several times
+ hit majority of the creeps

- targeting w/ Naz was often wrong (had several opportunities to kill Saruman)
- sometimes sent Naz into situations they couldn't poss. survive
- 1st Balrog was a complete waste (Naz could've done what he did - Balrog would've been better if used at his base)
- 1 pit meant not enough orcs early on (2 pits would've stopped his zerker rush and given you better MC)
- SH would've been better then furnaces early on when you were going trolls
- slow to revive Naz a few times (careless mistake)
- didn't harass w/ Gollum as much as you could and were slow to creep (he's cheap so why not)
- send in inadequate number of trolls when you could've massed them w/ drummer or used them to guard catas)
- lack of protection for catas and too few really cut down on their effectiveness
- poor knowledge of map (safe mill in upper right corner went ignored for way too long)
- poor coordination of units meant you lost battles you should've won
- kept trying to lay down TL and he covered it w/ his each time
- had darkness and didn't use it until right b4 he had rain (critical mistake - you lost all LD and the 50% armor bonus)
- eye cancels LD bonuses of units it's focused on, you didn't take full advantage of this
- siege towers would've really helped (force xbows to run or be crushed, Naz could've hit them as they retreated)


A fast paced and entertaining match w/ good strats used by both sides. Isen went for early zerkers and seriously hurt Mordor in two rushes but was unable to capitalize on advantage, afterwards went for massed xbows w/ some uruks thrown in. Mordor went for early pit and trolls w/ naz and later spiced in catas but didn't execute strat properly. Isen appeared to have the advantage throughout the match although not w/o suffering heavy losses. When the Balrogs came, the match switched in favor of Mordor b/c of superior units and econ. and Isen threw in the towel. Entertaining w/ Isen playing a pretty good game barring some mistakes, Mordor played a sloppier game but the strength of the faction enabled it to capitalize.

Rating: 6/10
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