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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Mordor vs Gondor

#1Elfenfaust  Nov 11 2005, 20:34 PM -
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Hi this is my new Mordor account, and iam in train so pls review this one, its not go to the end cause my dog -.-' but pls review thx
#2EiresSaviour  Nov 16 2005, 09:13 AM -
mine tongue.gif
#3EiresSaviour  Nov 16 2005, 15:32 PM -
CaptainCrotch - Gondor VS Lorenorzorro - Mordor

Map - Fords of Isen

Strategy - Gondor went HS rush>SW>trebs
Mordor went mumak/cata spam

Lorenorzorro - Mordor

BO - Pit, Gollum, 2 Mills, 2nd pit, Slaughters, Trolls, naz, OP's
PP - TL, eye, Industry

+ Destroyed both Gondors outside farms.
+ Creeping, also stole a creep from gondor
+ Good work with Nazguls
+ Good MC

- No extra labourers
- Too many towers too early, delays your troll
- Wasting eye casting it on orcs when attacking horses
- Troll cage at front of base, very dangerous if gondor has successful HS rush
- Stopped producing orcs, press ctrl and r 4 times, that makes 20 orcs and set the checkpoints under the gondor towers, suicidal orcs = free PP for you and quick darkness.
- Make 6 slaughter houses for max reduction of cost on mumaks
- No Haradrim on Mumaks
- Change strat when he has fire trebs, go cata spam and protect with trolls.

Tips - Suicide orcs for quick darkness and get the mumaks in there quickly before fire trebs, also back them up with Witch king and drummers and eye for max LD, dont forget to put haradrim on top.

Micro - 6/10
Strat - 3/10
Overall - 3/10

CaptainCrotch - Gondor

BO - Pippin, 2 farms inside, 5 outside, stables
PP - Heal, GTW, Elves

+ Getting farms at warg pits
+ Placing EW when he cast eye
+ Early stable
+ Killed mordors mills
+ Countered TL
+ Creeping
+ Killed troll with fara b4 heal
+ Fire trebs for mumaks

- lost pippin to wargs twice
- Lost a few horse batts.
- Bad HA rush, your horses needed healing before you went in.
- Your well came to late, then you destroyed it and ended up rebuilding again wacko.gif
- After 6 farms inside and out, make Blacksmiths for discount on stoneworks
- Made more horses with nazzies flying around, cuda went for gtw instead.

Tips - If you are going to camp then make blacksmiths in the future before buying stonework upgrades, and get a well sooner to help you maintain some MC before nazgul comes.

Micro - 3/10
Strat - 5/10
Overall - 5/10

Entertainment - 3/10
Overall - 3/10
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