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Battle for Middle Earth


#1LATINO  Jun 9 2021, 20:21 PM -

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#2gahvin  Jun 9 2021, 20:28 PM -
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not a big fan of FFA but some funny moments this game biggrin.gif
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#3x6tenceGB2  Jun 12 2021, 21:19 PM -
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jorgeElGris not the goat anymore..
#4ValsaDoom  Aug 1 2021, 23:24 PM -

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This is one of the greatest FFA I ever watched!

On top left, Th0rin' played Rohan, standard starting strategy, fast Eomer then Roherims plus Teo and then Roherims Archers later Armory then gets Archery for fire.

On top right Finwe played Isengard, nothing more then 2 furnaces and really fast Lurtz before anything else, he then manage to level up his hero faster then any other player, later wargs pit and more furnaces then destroy wargs pit get uruk pit then Saruman and ups.

Bottom right LATINO played also Isengard, making few more furnaces then Finwe before getting Lurtz, then wargs then Saruman then uruk pit.

Bottom left Buffalaxed played Gondor, after a regular start I think I noticed him building a stable, then Faramir, or maybe it's the other way around, excuse my lack of precision here, but LATINO and Finwe were having such a non-stop action start, bashing each-other you probably forget the 2 other players for a the first part of this game, if you watch the replay too.

So LATINO and Finwe were toe to toe on the Power Points from the very start and up till rain, at that point I was like these guy are fighting like Titans! This competition of pp went on and on, until the end of one of them, and that did not happened before both players had their very own little Rog pet inflicting bloody carnage mostly to each-other killing in the process each-other heroes and then some.

At some point I had to force myself to stop watching these 2 so I can see what's happening on the left side of this map... (zzzzzz)

Thx to gahvin for those nice shots:
QUOTE(gahvin @ Jun 9 2021, 15:28 PM)

After Th0rin's army got bombed by LATINO, it looks like the minute he got back on his feet, he felt the need to settle things with him, and sent his entire army all the way across the map to attack LATINO, and that happened minutes after the Balrog of Finwe had been unleashed, leaving LATINO'S house in a mess, or should I say a wreck, and like if this was not enough for Alan ffa party, Buffalaxed was also feasting on the site uninvited.

In truth Th0rin' and Buffalaxed had a decent and entertaining game too, just not as Epic as the duel between the two Isengards players should I say.

Congrats to Finwe, title well earned!
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