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Battle for Middle Earth

BoT vs TB (Butta + Taterz Vs. Segway + James)

#41Randomess  Jul 20 2007, 17:35 PM -
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UMM, seriously?
#42PayBack  Jul 20 2007, 18:34 PM -
cant believe 2 eowyn and eomer owned that mid game tongue.gif . have u seen pro 1vs1 mordor player only attack/ chase anything in hordes of trolls? chase with one or two and they are will get owned and will be useless ( free PPs).

GG guys

EDIT: tater butta why do u have to be so annoying with eomer and eoywn . i was crying for poor james
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#43Poose  Jul 25 2007, 15:14 PM -
Just watched this game finally. Butta and Taterz did play an amazing game, but Segway and James ....... both good players but defo a shite game all the way around. When Eowyns were dominating the mid game I was literally lol.

The main thing was how complicated you guys were making this game lol. 4 trolls + drummer + WK + Ara + Theo + combos + eye + darkness = gg? Could not understand at all why James built catas taht did nothing and delayed WK so long while Seg did not build Ara 0wn3d.gif , there was no reason at all to do this. No seige from Rohan so pointless to get catas. until UBER late game, and then only if they are statue camping. Prollly still no need though.

Tbh all he had to do was mass trolls nothing more (after WK) and an easy victory.

Easy to criticize games after the fact though, all are good players and everyone has off days ofc.

GG, definitely worth the silver and every entertaining.
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#44FreedomX10A  Jul 25 2007, 16:32 PM -
ur talking about stacking ld which didn't go too well for them because they split up their armies and attacked mid then he attacked segway's castle, that segway had combos with alot of ld it wouldn'tve made a difference the result would be the same maybe a different mid game
#45Segway  Jul 25 2007, 17:05 PM -
Yeh Poose i couldent buy Aragorn because i had 190 CP in Peowmen wacko.gif

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#46Poose  Jul 25 2007, 17:09 PM -
Oh well lol these things make for GG's, otherwise everything would be boring if the team that was supposed to win won every time.

banana.gif banana.gif
#47IVERSON  Jul 28 2007, 17:01 PM -
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