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Battle for Middle Earth

[Rating]Gamroth vs Daz

#1Gamroth  Jun 24 2007, 15:37 PM -

had this game with Daz, went all the way to Balrog/Aotd and Gandy WoP
really long game but would really appreciate a rating on it biggrin.gif

gg m8


Review by: whersmyspacebar

Starting Positions:

Agent^CarNaGe^ - Left
[DT]G4MR0TH – Right


A fascinating Isen Vs Gondor, some flawless Knight micro from Gondor matched by Good warg and pike use from Isen. Some nice battles with good micro really made it fun to watch. Isen really looking to have the upper hand early and mid then Gondor through some very nice Gandalf use, but lost him a few times. Great use of GtW to kill balrog gave Gondor rank 10 GtW. After some great Balrog use the Gondor isn’t able to recover in time and is finished off by the Isenguard which has the ability to pump out big armys due to its money.

Agent^CarNaGe^ - Gondor

A really good game from you some really nice horse micro and good use of GtW most of the time. U gotta keep aware of Lurtz tho, a few times GtW lost dumbly. Good use of Knights with elves to rush Isenguard then kill his pit which slowed him down. Good defence with eagles against Balrog then finishing the rog with GtW. After Balrog there wasn’t really much you could do except spam Knights which you did but it was abit too late. Use WoP on bigger armys, there was some combos in the bottom part of the map hiding and u missed them

[DT]G4MR0TH - Isen

A great game from you, you handled every situation well and kept control of the game. Nice pikespam then upgrades but maybe wargs before grades is better because you need a soldier counter early. Nice use of Lurtz and Saruman, especially Saruman use in the first battle. Good awareness with lurtz to cripple Gandalf so many times. Balrog micro was flawless even getting 5 buildings with 1 fire breath almost everytime. Good army use and Getting fuel the fires instead of rain was a good idea. Very smart spamming pikes at the outposts then waiting for Balrog to recharge then taking down his base.

Overall Rating: Middle 7 Rotw contender and Silver.

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#2Ranger  Jun 24 2007, 23:34 PM -
this was an extremely good game imo. very well played for the most part from both sides. those rank 10 knights are fucking op dry.gif but so is the balrog. i wont spoil it for people but i must say i thought the game was going to go the other way at one stage biggrin.gif
#3shaulin  Jun 24 2007, 23:35 PM -
who was what?
#4Ranger  Jun 25 2007, 10:53 AM -
daz gondor gamroth isen smile.gif
#5Axcell  Jun 25 2007, 11:15 AM -
Very nice game, early isen game by the book, wp
#6HONGA  Jun 25 2007, 16:39 PM -
Replays: 48
gg guys numchuks.gif
thum.gif bothsides thum.gif
#7Artificial  Jun 25 2007, 17:11 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
Nice game, Wp Daz & Gamroth.
#8Major  Jun 25 2007, 17:52 PM -
gonna take the cookies now.

this game was like a gauss bell.

was great up to mid game, then gandalf prances around vs 1 pike for several minutes (several, not a couple, not a few).
then he charges into an isengard army wacko.gif
DOESN'T istari saruman , who stood close enough.
didn't istari lurtz multiple times.
last fight, you charged out before you had heal ready (or close), a sure death, if you do so, at least do it on foot (less damage).
eagles marking lurtz? WTF.gif try killing his fire archers/ballista, who 15 seconds later kill gandalf, for lurtz?

until gandalf this was of the best replays I've seen, after gandalf this was one of the worst tbh.

#9Gamroth  Jun 25 2007, 18:16 PM -
harsh tbh post-13661-1143531603.gif
#10Major  Jun 25 2007, 18:18 PM -
harsh tbh post-13661-1143531603.gif

tough love is good for him tbh.
wub.gif I only mean to be constructive, not just mean. wink.gif
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