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Battle for Middle Earth

D3rBessere vs TeamSorad

#11Norty  Apr 19 2005, 08:55 AM -
Thats the Spirit! thumb.gif

Ur Rohan did Exellent, even tough ur still Learning it!

Keep on Playing more Intense games, And Maybe u'll Earn urself a Gold Replay Award biggrin.gif

If u need any Help, Just PM Me smile.gif
#12|elder|Kiltec  Apr 19 2005, 12:42 PM -

This is my opinion about this match:

I've watched this replay along with a bunch of others. So by the time I watched this one I didn't remember that the player going for elves finally would win.
Well, I haven't watched it till the end because I was so sure that you, 3rdbessere, would win after you killed his heros several times (I think only Legolas was left) and he stood inside his base. In addition he had only like 3 bats of elves bats while you had (I dont' remeber exactly) like 5 or 6 bats of fire-horse-archers.
I really thought that was it for your opponent and stopped watching this rep.
I still haven't watched the end because to me it wasn't too entertaining.
No offense meant! happy.gif
But there was a pretty long period in which nearly nothing happened. Your opponent stood in his base levelling up his elves with Legolas while you rode around taking the outposts and all settlements.

It took you too long to get the siege started. You gave too much time to your opponent by taking all outposts. In this time he had the time to continue to build up his elven army, fully upgrade them and level them up with his Legolas.
You shouldn't have bought the outposts it's 2*800+2*3*350= 3700! (assuming you're building 2 outpost with 3 farms at each outpost) Imagine how much faster you could have got an ent-moot!
Having all settlements except the outposts still gives you enough money imho. And certainly much more money than your opponent.

And then, if you see fire-archers inside your enemy's castle, don't send your ents to melee the walls. Keep them out of the range of any archers throwing rocks. Thus the archers have to get out of the castle, then throw rocks onto them and attack them with your GCed horsearchers. Though this can be really tough against elves. That's why you should siege him ASAP when you see him going for elves!

By the time you've pushed the enemy into his castle focus on getting ent-moot. Of course you should have an army big enough to defend the ents and destroy/damage his base but be very careful with on what you spend your money.
I'd agree to trooper that banner upgrade in this case is just delaying you to get ent-moot.
Don't spend any money unless it isn't absolutely necessary!
When your enemy is pushed back into his base, time is your enemy - the more time your opponent gets, the better for him.

But I really wouldn't have noticed that you just started to play Rohan thumb.gif .
I'm no über-Prohan, too. I just wanted to point out which could have been done better, so I hope I haven't been to rude or something... smile.gif
#13Artistic  Apr 19 2005, 20:35 PM -
Only Noobs Dont Gain Banners in Battle!  "And Not All Units can get it in battle" That just means that ur NOT EVEN Going to use The Unit anyways, Waste of Money Period.

Now that is just really ignorant. Offcourse it is always good to earn a banner in battle, but the fact is you will not always be able to -> it depends on the units you are fighting. And when fighting FU, ranked up (!!!!!!!) elves you will most definately not be able to lvl up an entire army of HA's in battle. When fighting those elves you need every little advantage you can get, and the banner is a part of that wink.gif .

But forget about the banner, this was just a small detail. Thats why i had it placed at the bottom of my reply. The reason i posted that reply was b/c i had a different view on the game and thought you missed a lot of important events in this game. I dont remember this game in detail but here is what i can remember:

MAJOR mistakes (now im only commenting on DerB3ssere since we were talking about him):
- He kept the HA's and Eomer and Theoden ALL under 1 hotkey. This lead to a quick death of these heroes in every single battle and its REALLY important to keep them alive, esp Theo (Glorious Charge is the answer to elves). But you didnt notice this, in fact you even complimented him on his outstanding horse micro. What is so outstanding about the micro if you select them all by pressing 1 button and then order the whole bunch to attack 1 single unit?
- The ents were send on a suicide mission to the enemy base and you say they were used very well?! They were not supported by his main army, which just kept waiting out of range for a long time. Yes he did killl some elves nicely with the ents, but that was not that hard, it was b/c Sorad was too greedy. He wanted to kill the ents asap which cost him some elves. After that he retreated inside his base. Now he was protected and there was nothing the ents could do. Which showed another mistake: the entmoot was build at the wrong settlement!!! If the entmoot had been build at the settlement in the middle near the river, the ents could have destroyed the northern section of the wall. This would have exposed his rank 3 archery range cool2.gif . When your opponent goes elves this is definately a very high prio building, the highest prio in fact. It makes the enemy panic (atleast the most of em) and send his troops on suicide missions to defend the range and prevents him from building additional elves. Even if you fail to deliver the final blow it forces the enemy to waste 60 precious command points on suckage yeoman.
- Even tho the ents werent used to their fullest potential Bessere did manage to reduce Sorad's army to just 3 squads of elves, pinned in his base. And how does the siege continue? The full armies of HA's retreats to a far away outpost to heal at a well, while his army was hardly damaged n1qshok.gif . The pressure was on!! So keep it on happy.gif . I think he would have won the skirmish with the elves, but EVEN if he lost (like you say) it wouldnt matter. B3ssere had the whole map so he could produce units at twice the rate of Sorad. Its just a matter of a constant flow of attacks to wear the opponent down, he will not be able to keep up with you.
- Priorities to attack, B3ssere often fought units while LD heroes were still around. Sorad did go for the heroes first, huge difference.

Smaller mistakes:
- Wasting some cav early game to Lego. (i thought he would already lose the game right there, but he had a nice comeback smile.gif ) (although that comeback was supported by Sorad by making some mistakes).
- The 2 wells
- The money at the end, keep fighting and outproduce your opponent.
- Late Gimli was a waste of money, @ lvl1 he cant touch an army of FU elves with hero support. And there were no lairs left. This is just a very small mistake, b/c you were desperate at that time since you were starting to lose. Desperate needs call for desperate meassures biggrin.gif .
- The banner thing.

B/c you missed out on those points i felt like i had to say this. Its a decent replay with 2 nice comebacks but not more than just above average play, like 6 or 6.5/10. The most important however: this is NOT a game you should watch to improve your HA micro skill!!!!!

Well this is just my view of the game, i wanted to let you know smile.gif

yes i know i made some mistakes but iam an Isengart player and still learning Rohan
its true that i lost my heros stupid and i should have won this but i always learn from my mistakes
thx for watching my replay

Hey i am an isen player who started with Rohan too happy.gif . Its definately not a bad game for a starting Rohan player wink.gif . Next time try to keep your horse heroes Theoden and Eomer selected under 1 hotkey (u dont need em separate) and the main army under a separate hotkey. Or even split the main army up into smaller armies under different hotkeys to easily addept to unexpected situations. And always keep em at the back. Losing Theo, thus GC, proved vital in this game.

I would also like to say Kiltec has some nice comments thum.gif . Good point about the quick entmoot.
#14Nasgul  Aug 3 2019, 16:10 PM -
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There was good microcontrol in this game by Rohan.
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