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Battle for Middle Earth

Peak Vs. Veermark

#31tomac  Jan 31 2008, 11:28 AM -
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You don't have to suppurt someone's critics on it, but you have to live with it smile.gif

says who? I know this is typical dutch mentality 'everyone has a right to say their opinion' even if u are not an expert on the discussion at hand, but believe me, many people disagree with that sort of thinking. smile.gif

Says me + i am proud of being dutch, but on-topic. You wanna say not everyone can give their thoughts on a replay? Please...that's kinda stupid. If you don't like my critics than don't even watch or comment on them. That's a way to solve your problem.

But let's stop this discussion, cause we are talking about the game smile.gif
#32Veermarck  Feb 2 2008, 14:37 PM -
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no i dont, i say u should weigh ur words more if u wanna meddle into a discussion without any 'trackrecord' (ur cw wins vs peak for example) coz of course I'm gonna give less importance to your opinion then lets say maia's or sebra's.

U cant just be so arrogant to say someone played bad, without any reasons why either when i dont even know if u know what it is to play cw's at a very high pace.

So you see what I'm trying to say on the philosophical side is that ur train of thoughts that 'everyone's opinion is worth just as much and should be treated with as much respect' is wrong to me.

And ur solution to that for me, namely ignoring an opinion i dont like, is just so random... of course i should react to something that ticks me off.

y should someone have the luxury of being able to say anything he wants and still demand all respect? we can continue this discussion anytime somewhere else thumb.gif

simply put: FREEDOM to say anything u want comes along with RESPONSIBILITY too.
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#33tomac  Feb 2 2008, 14:47 PM -
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Only thing i got out of this bullshit is that i didn't say you played bad. The rest of it just a waste of your time i guess.
#34Veermarck  Feb 2 2008, 14:48 PM -
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ok np
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#35PlaTy  Feb 7 2008, 12:08 PM -
Bringin nations into this is kinda low Veer, But it was a good , entertaining game i liked it happy.gif
#36Veermarck  Feb 7 2008, 16:45 PM -
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u're right platy wink.gif was pretty lame of me
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