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Battle for Middle Earth


#1FlashJack  Feb 11 2007, 12:22 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
me and fate vs HFD, this was a rly rly good game, lots of action and skill!!!

it is 2 rohan against their mor isen, if u really want help on how to play with double rohan against such an overpowered match up i highly suggest you watch this replay, we had amazing teamwork but it was still such a struggle to win beause of their catas trolls and LD


anyway watch the replay, its really entertaining and we were the real winners of this game biggrin.gif

Review by: Nightmarelord

Starting positions:
CBA| tbh`/MaTsUrO` - East
HFD| robbe/Delastevo - West


I didn't see much early creep which kinda made me sad. The beginning was very entertaining though, a few settlement battles. Creeping began after the middle was taken, so pretty far into the game already. There were some nice big battles with alot of units included, which kind of entertained me. There also was a nice Base swap in the game. This game was probably one of the best comeback games I ever saw in my entire BfME career. This game is definately worth a watch, even if you're not into replay watching, this is a "MUST WATCH" game. Watch the replay to see the result...

]]CBA| tbh`/MaTsUrO` - Rohan/Rohan

Good farm defending in the beginning with a peasant spam. Killed the troll but lost alot of units. Was a good decision to go combos with fire and rohirrim with theoden. A counter to everything. A nice sneak attack from the bottom at isengard's base. You got down most of his buildings but couldnt quite finish it off, but then you managed to destroy it with your ents. You didn't have to fear anything anymore as you had an army large enough to simply overwhelm anything coming your way. You (matsuro) lost your base but then quickly got the enemy base before being defeated. Unfortunately you (cba tbh) couldnt get the middle base in time to stay alive.

How to Improve
  • You had Merry cloaked in the middle base. Could've used him to kill the 2 trolls while they walked past him with only like 5% health left. Wouldve only took you like 1-2 stone throws for each. laugh.gif
  • Wasted a whole Rohirrim Batallion on that caveless cave troll. Could've just attacked the catapults with that bat of rohirrim and got the troll after them.
  • Lost Aragorn and Theoden. Should've withdrawn them earlier to let them heal.
  • Pay more attention to getting a base when you are about to lose one, if it's a matetr of seconds, your attention should be VERY HIGH as you wont have anything else to concentrate in that moment. Only survivor counts, and that is what you failed at.
HFD| robbe/Delastevo - Mordor/Isengard

Your harass attempts didnt quite work out that well but you atleast got the middle. You had to suicide a Troll to defend the middle against combos and rohirrim untill your towers were up. The first attack was very bad nad if you waited a bit and combined it with the 2nd army that attacked you couldve probably won the battle. You did good effect in 2nd attack though and that barely saved your Isengard base. After that you lost the Isengard base and it was pretty much over for you. That sneak attack at top right rohan base was a nice try, but didnt work out too well. They just had too many units to overwhelm you. You did a very nice job defending the middle base with your Witchking when they attacked. That was probably one of thet strategical best moves I saw in this game, attacking the enemy base while they are attacking yours. If only your base wouldve survived a few more seconds, you wouldve defeated Matsuro, but then he bought your former base. You defeated Maia because he didnt pay attention to buying the middle and that was the comeback you needed to get the advantage in the game.

How to Improve
  • You had no chance against Glorious Charge and the mass leadership with your Catas and trolls, so there was no need to suicide them and give the enemy pointless ammount of PP/experience.
  • Don't cash float. I noticed you had 1000 too much when you were getting the Witchking, that just wasn't necessary.
  • You could've finished taking down the Archery Range. Eowyn and Eomer rank 1 cant kill Witchking with only 1 spear each and he had no other ranged unit (archer) or tower around.
Overall Rating: 8

This replay deserves Gold tough.
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#2LikeToAbuse  Feb 11 2007, 15:00 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
Yer..was a good game tongue.gif And i really thought we will loose it but the end was really funny laugh.gif I was a bit faster than u guys and thats why we won smile.gif
And btw ..we had only cattas and trolls coz Isen had a bad early game and never got Saroman and mas combos... And u guys had The/Ara LD; alot of combos/elves and fu rohirrum with GC !!! And u guys are pro enough to know that Rohirrim+GC > Cattas and your LD+combos>purs as long as we dont get Lurtz/Saro LD + rain...we only had drummers sad.gif
But u played well and i know its not easy to get all the stuff vs Isen/Mor...but i dont think that anyone deserved this win..coz we had nothing OP in this game tongue.gif
#3FlashJack  Feb 11 2007, 20:01 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
sorry what? no-one deserved the win?

we deserved the win, look at how we played and the teamwork we had and trust me, me n fate never have had teamwork as good as this

anyone who watches the replay will see we deserved it but hey life sucks sad.gif

gg anyway

really entertaining too laugh.gif
#4esa|TurtleTucke  Feb 11 2007, 20:37 PM -
Replays: 43 Game:
Maia and Fate owns tongue.gif
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#5FlashJack  Feb 19 2007, 16:48 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
this is truly a great and highly skilled game, would really appreciate a review
#6Blueb1rd  Feb 19 2007, 17:27 PM -
no its not, i took 1 mill at start and u took it down, i had no econ at all so i left, u lost a 2v1. Nothing too special.
#7FlashJack  Feb 20 2007, 10:56 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
why u tryna make the game look so shit, and this isnt any normal 2v1, tucke played very tactical and instead of trying to defend against us, cos our army was too good, he went for our bases and thats how we lost

we had nothing to protect our base cos we were attacking with everything, and plz dont forget he is mordor, and with 2+ bases/camps mass trolls and catas can be made so fast and in a fight be so deadl..but we did so well to overcome it

however after a while he knew he wouldnt win in a fight so he went for our bases there was nothing we could have done being on the other side of the map

i think our only mistake this game was not going for mid and leaving our bases vulnerable to attacks

a review will be great, can someone tag it today?
#8Seniyad  Feb 23 2007, 08:50 AM -
Replays: 2
Mordor should have given its lumbermills to Isengart when Isengart lost its one and only mill. due to the fact that rohan combos are so (too) strong in mid game it wasn't really hard to take out Isengart. With glorious charge it was really easy to destroy the catapults and the rest is not worth to be mentioned. Was an entertaining game but nothing special. In the end the both rohan players were too slow and in my opinion they shouldn't have built combos both. One of them should have made rohirrim archers because they already got Theoden to level 4. Nice game, especially by robbe.

Rated it a 7.
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#9 Kamal  Feb 23 2007, 16:21 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
lol who rated this with a 1??
#10FlashJack  Mar 6 2007, 08:07 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
can i please get a review for this game?

its not been named with a [Review] thing in it cos the rule came out after i posted this replay, i really dont know why it isnt reviewed yet and others have been which have been posted way after this wacko.gif

Posted Feb 11th
Date: 6th March

i didnt bump it because it didnt go page 2 so i thought people would see it and know i want a review and i have every reason to ask why it hasnt been reviewed yet
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