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Battle for Middle Earth

We Crush 3v3 cos Dune is rubbish and 51 cent ain't

#1MythvMight  Feb 16 2020, 17:22 PM -
Replays: 201 Game:
Hello my friends, ty for carry me and my trolls
Dune likes them so hf biggrin.gif
#2Dunedain`  Feb 16 2020, 17:36 PM -

Replays: 254 Game:
Idk what you mean sam
i didn't even played in this game
well whatever ill say one thing, :

Lion is pretty good tho
#3MythvMight  Feb 16 2020, 18:04 PM -
Replays: 201 Game:
I know for a fact you played as Mouchi because I saw you change your name after the game

Sorry Dune but your isen simply isn't good enough on the Marshes

1v1 I beat you here easily
#4Earendil  Feb 18 2020, 15:40 PM -
Nice Smurf Dune
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