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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Isengard vs Rohan

#1Elfenfaust  Jan 4 2006, 11:42 AM -
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So, this is replay against a Rohan player, imo its an interesting game, maybe i had last after 5 min wacko.gif WTF.gif frusty.gif
cause the guy do a very damn good rush, butyou can look, and a review would be nice too smile.gif
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#2KlunG  Jan 4 2006, 13:01 PM -
#3KlunG  Jan 4 2006, 14:26 PM -
Map: Westfold
Deadmanriding vs Elfenfaust
Rohan vs Isengard



Starting BO: 2 Farms + merry

Initial strat: Peasant spam --> fast rohirim --> Mass peasants + Heroes

+Good mill harrasment early game
+Great peasant rush on his base early game

-Forgot to use draft on some of ur peasants
-Were too uncareful and lost Theo
-Ara but no Anduril :/
-Bad micro caused u to loose alot at a battle
-Never adapted. Kept doing the same over and over again



Starting BO: Pit + Uruk

Initial strat: Fast upgrades ---> Mass FU pikes + Uruks --> late siege after MC

+Stole two of the creep pits from him
+FAst upgrades
+Good MC mid game
+Adaption: Bought uruks when u saw he went mass peasants
+good work on sieging the rohan

-Didnt use warchant and put ur xbows in formation when they got trampled
-Were too late to switch formations on pikes sometimes
-Didnt let Lurtz get the final blow on one if the warg cages
-Late siege
-Used industry at ur outpost where u had lvl 2 furns instead of using it on ur lvl3 furns at base
-Didnt use sarumans speechcraft at all

Game summary:

A good early game by rohan who got MC and harrassed with his mass peasants. However. Elfenfaust managed to survive and stole many creeps from theo. Bad micro and wrong strat decisions made the game turn over to Elfenfaust which got complete MC and a full cap army with FU pikes uruks and heroes smile.gif

Game ratings:

Deadmanriding: 4/10
Elfenfaust: 5/10

Game rating: 4/10
#4Elfenfaust  Jan 4 2006, 18:23 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
thx for the nice review smile.gif thumb.gif
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