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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [Review] (Mordor) Thrandy vs. (Gondor) Kiffking

#1Thrandy  Jul 14 2007, 17:21 PM -
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I think I played fairly well, but he was able to defend the middle and so I was stuck with one mill all of mid and late game. dry.gif Well he kept sending in waves of mass combos and had Gandalf too, but didn't defend his heroes too well so it was easy for me to kill them. biggrin.gif

Late game was pretty funny though I was camping the whole match but I still owned him with only 3-4 trolls, 2 drummers, Naz, and 2-4 catas for each battle. ohmy.gif Didn't even get to use Darkness until the final battle, after which he quit out of frustration.

Review please. thumb.gif

#2Thrandy  Jul 17 2007, 16:13 PM -
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Review pls.
#3Thrandy  Jul 24 2007, 14:39 PM -
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#4-Sebra  Jul 24 2007, 16:56 PM -
Replays: 39 Game:
gonna review this one smile.gif
#5-Sebra  Jul 24 2007, 18:53 PM -
Replays: 39 Game:
Review by: sebra30

Starting positions:
mordor - mewithoutYou`29 - team 1 - West
gondor - Kiffking - team 2 - East


This match was gondor vs. mordor on rohan which is a very hard MU for mordor. This was shown by mordor being in the defensive all the game but somehow and probably because of the lack of gondor's knights mordor managed to pull of a nice win. Even though it was a nice game the mass amount of mistakes is the reason for this low rating.

mordor - mewithoutYou`29 - team 1

You did very well thinking of how this map hates mordor. A small micro mistake in the beginning had imo a big impact in the game. You fought the soldiers near the farm spot so they were cluped together and only 3 orcs could fight them at once. This resulted in very long living soldiers so the other bat of soldiers became rank 4. You shouldn't choose eye right away in this MU because gondor could just cast land to piss you off. Don't fight the high ranked soldiers with only 1 bat of orcs. You fed the rank 2 soldiers up to rank 4. Don't cashfloat. This is really very important with mordor in early game. You had 550 money and a SH just costed 280. Also buy industrie asap to get max. bonus. Don't have so much units queued. You had like 3 trolls and a drummer queued which was a waste of money. Rather put up a 2d cage, a siege works or save for naz. I really loved your naz micro btw. Beware to don't clump your trolls so they can't be hit by only one istary. It was very good of you to lay land again but beware to don't lay it so close to your other land because gondor could simply overlay both of your lands. If rohirrim are bothering you, you should use screech with naz so you don't lose your catas. Always buy darkness asap as it is one of the most important PP for mordor. I liked your choice to take devastigation because you couldn't afford the catas otherwise.
  • Cashfloating
  • Micro, like the orc fighting soldiers thing
  • Layed land too close to yours

gondor - Kiffking - team 2

Now you pulled of a nice start with getting both mills but you really should have wony that match afterwards. You choose to go farm + bs > 3 bs > fara > archers > combos. I can't really agree with this strat. It would have been cool if you had a very bad early game but in your situation you really should have tried a HS rush which basically means 2 farms > another farm > stables > 3 horses > horse shields > ups > gandy > archers > (maybe brothers) > trebs. You really should get pip into a tower to prevent him from dying atb or if there is no tower near run around buildings and cloak him if orcs are away. Throughout the game i think you were a bit surprised that everything worked so well and appeared to me a bit planless what to do with all the money. You could have got boromir, knights, or trebs. Try to let boromir get one troll creep to level him up and gaining 50% damage ld from him. Because you chose this start i would buy elves asap to damage the little amount of trolls he had. You really have to counter land asap. This is very important and at one time you had like 6000 cash and did nothing. Buy knights!!!! They are important to kill his catas. Get Outposts. And really please improve your gandy micro. I only killed about three trolls in the whole game and died two times.
  • Gandy micro
  • Make a strat, I mean don't be so planless
  • Maybe change from archer to knight bo
  • Cashfloating

Overall Rating: 3
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