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The strength of Men of the West is in their elite cavalry and strong heroes. The backbone of their army is formed by the Soldier of Gondor and the Gondor Archer, backed up by Tower Guards. They have the best and most elite cavalry in the game, Knights and Rohirrim, that can swiftly traverse the map to destroy enemy structures and trample units. One cannot forget the mighty Ithilien Rangers, whose stealth abilities and quick rate of fire make them one of the best archers in the game. The Men of the West are led to the battlefield by the best heroes in the game, with Boromir, whose mighty Horn of Gondor will stun enemies, Théoden, whose Glorious Charge can easily secure victory, Éomer, who provides excellent cavalry support, Éowyn, who can devastate Mordor's heroes, Faramir, whose leadership provides a massive armor boost, Aragorn, whose Blade Master and leadership allow him to destroy Fortresses and rally his forces, and Gandalf, whose powers will send any army back to the abyss.

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The strength of the Elves relies solely in the might of their bows. Elven forces have the best archers in the game, but in early game and in late game. The Lorien Archer is a force to be feared in early game, but is highly susceptible to cavalry trample damage, so this makes the Mithlond Sentry pike unit of the utmost importance. The combination of Mithlond Sentries and Lorien Archers is very commonplace. The Elves also possess good infantry in the Lorien Warrior, and swift cavalry in the Lancer, both of which are great at harassing. When these forces are upgraded, the become even stronger. Elves thrive in the late game, when they will have Mirkwood Archers, the best archer unit in the game. Their forces are led by Haldir, whose leadership is a great asset to Elven forces, Arwen, who is great for harassing, Legolas, who can support your archers, Glorfindel, the best harassing hero in the game, Thranduil, who will pick off opposing troops from far away, and Elrond, who has some of the best high level powers of all heroes and is a great support hero. One cannot forget the might of the Eagles, who are nigh unstoppable, and the Ents, who can deal siege damage from long range.

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The strength of the Dwarves lies in their tough infantry, Mine system, strong structures, and high armor. The backbone of the Dwarven army is the Guardian and Phalanx units, who, while slow, can tear through anything in their path. Dwarven engineering is superb, allowing Dwarven structures to have immense health, and can even be instantly rebuilt with the Rebuild power. The ingenious Mine system allows Dwarven units to transport across the map in the blink of an eye. Dwarven engineering also allows for unique machinery in the Demolisher, a ferocious battering ram, the Battlewagon, a fearsome trampling unit that can move in all directions, and the Catapult, which can destroy structures from afar. The Dwarven forces are led to the battlefield by Glóin, who can shake the foundations of any structure, King Dain, who is arguably the best support hero in the game, and Gimli, a very versatile hero with a high damage output.

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The strengths of Isengard lie in their strong infantry, high damage, great economy, and upgrades. The backbone of the Isengard forces is provided by the fearsome Uruk-Hai, with the Uruk Warrior, Uruk Pikeman, and the blood-thirsty Berserker. Isengard also has decent cavalry in the Warg Rider, who can unleash massive damage in a short amount of time. The ingenuity of Saruman provides several siege weapons, including the powerful Battering Ram, long-ranged Ballista, and the Explosive Mine, which is sure to topple any building nearby. Saruman's penchant for industry leads to a great economy, with Industry, which maximizes the efficiency of a Furnace, Devastation, which harvests the trees for resources, and Fuel the Fires, which sharpens the blades of Lumber Mills, increasing their output. The forces of Isengard are led by Lurtz, the high-damage Uruk leader, Wormtongue, who can corrupt the allegiance of any hero, Sharku, who will lead your Wargs to great success, and Saruman, whose powers will devastate any army.

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The strength of the Goblins lie in their spammability, speed, and monsters. The Goblin Warrior is the main unit of the Goblin hordes, and is very quick and will cover the map with Goblin troops. The Goblins possess several intimidating monsters in the Cave Troll, who threatens even Fortresses and units when wielding a mighty tree, and the Mountain Giant, who can hurl massive boulders at range. One must not forget the Spiderlings, who are the fastest unit in the game, and Spider Riders, who are excellent at trampling infantry and archers. The Goblin hordes are led by Gorkil the Goblin King, who provides excellent early game support, Shelob, who can do great damage to heroes, and Drogoth the Dragon Lord, who can incinerate opposing forces from the air.

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The strengths of Mordor lie in their unit mixing, powerful monsters, and versatile heroes. Mordor's army consists of Orcs, Easterlings, and Corsairs, who can be mixed to cover the map in glorious darkness. Mordor's monster units are led by the devastating Attack Troll and colossal Mumakil, both of which can rip through buildings in the blink of an eye. The Nazgul lead Mordor's army by trampling over any who oppose them. When combined with the versatile Mouth of Sauron, they make an unstoppable harassing force. The Fellbeasts can be unleashed to wreck havoc from the skies. One must not forget the Witch-king, who can lead your forces from the air or on the ground with his massive mace.

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