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July 2016: Clanwars Results

By Fitton - 5th August 2016 - 10:37 AM

Coming off of a very active June, July didn't relent. This month started well and has had constant activity throughout. At the start of the month three clans came to the fore. Eol, 4J and JBEE were constantly interchanging positions. The later part of the month brought a loss of activity to JBEE but it also saw [LoW] begin their challenge for the title and it didn't take them long to get into the top 5 but in the end it was clear that either 4J or Eol would be the clan to take the Clan title.

In the Warrior rankings Ecthelion dominated the first spot for most of the month with a few other players holding it for a short while. Most notable was Freedoom of clan 4J who had a decent month but was unable to finish off what he achieved earlier in the month achieving only a 5th place finish.

On the final day Jesse` made a push for the number 1 spot in the Warrior rankings and he got there but it wasn't to last. Ecthelion made sure of that, beating Jesse` in two games, as well as winning others, to assure himself of the 1st place Warrior title.

A special mention goes to Findarato who has been unassumingly spamming many games this month and last, achieving a well deserved 4th place this month.

Check below to see more detailed information about the month of Julys ClanWars.


  1. 4J 6,070 pts 143/136 (51%)
  2. Eol 6,028 pts 161/71 (69%)
  3. [LoW]5,689 pts 53/35 (60%)


  1. Ecthelion 4,279 pts 105-34 (76%)
  2. Jesse`4,162 pts 67-91 (42%)
  3. LéADéR 4,118 pts 42-22 (66%)


    IPB Image
  • Dwarves Champion: Ecthelion
    IPB Image
  • Elves Champion: Scare`Cr0w
    IPB Image
  • Goblins Champion: Findarato
    IPB Image
  • Isengard Champion: FreeDooM
    IPB Image
  • Men Champion: StrayHeart
    IPB Image
  • Mordor Champion: Jesse`
Congratulations to the Clan and Warrior winners for the July 2016 league! As a reminder, please try to make sure you report your matches as soon as possible. Matches that have been auto-reported by the admins do come with an additional penalty to the losing clan.

July has been a great month in terms of activity. This is the second month of solid activity after quite a while of inactivity. Let's hope this continues and increases! I'm sure with Patch 1.09 just around the corner this is just the beginnings of a resurgent ClanWars and BFME2 in general. Let's build this community even more!

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