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Hasty Ents Tip of the Week

By angelsfan - 15th September 2010 - 22:18 PM

As any fan of Tolkien knows, Ents and Treebeard are anything but hasty. They are quite the opposite, preferring long, thought-out decisions. The language of the Ents is long and and slow. After a long day's discussion at the Ent Moot, Treebeard reports back to the hobbits Merry and Pippin that the Ents have just finished saying "Good Morning". After all, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish, and the Ents never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say. The only word of Old Entish that Tolkien gives us is a-lalla-lalla-rumba-kamanda-lindor-bur˙me, which means something akin to a hill. Why, even Treebeard's name is very long in Old Entish, as he states, "My name is growing all the time, and I've lived a very long, long time; so my name is like a story." One cannot forget the Ent named Quickbeam, who was known amongst the Ents for being very hasty, for he answered a question before the other Ent was finished asking it. And what is the motto of the wisest and oldest of all the Ents? That's right, "Don't be hasty", which epitomizes Ents quite succinctly.

The Battle for Middle-earth II, being a game based on Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, keeps the Ents and Treebeard somewhat inline with their unhasty mantra. They are slow moving, slow to change directions, slow to attack, and very slow to build. This Tip of the Week regards the slow build speed of the Ents and a tip to speed up the process.

Tip of the Week - Hasty Ents

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On paper, the build times Ents and Treebeard are somewhat hasty, 25 seconds and 60 seconds, respectively. However, this is just the time that it takes for the gray circle to completely wind down. It does not include the time it takes for the Ent or Treebeard to spawn out of the Ent Moot with a rather lengthy spawn animation. This animation adds twenty seconds to the build time of Ents and Treebeard, increasing them to 45 seconds and 80 seconds, respectively. Hasty, thy name is not Treebeard.

The spawn animation times make purchasing Ents a real hassle. Now, which of you readers wish you could just skip the spawn animation time and build an Ent or Treebeard twenty seconds faster? If your e-hand is raised, continue onwards.

If you only want to build a single Ent to send into the opponent's base, or you are building the last Ent that you will be building in the game, or you just have the Ent Moot to purchase Treebeard to support your Ent Summon power, there is a way to skip the spawn animation entirely and build your Ent much faster. You can do this by deleting your Ent Moot right as you see the animation start to occur, as your Ent's head starts poking up through the ground. Delete the Ent Moot, and your Ent will still be spawning with that spawn animation, but you will be able to move it around the map as it is still emerging from the fertile soil. This trick allows you to skip that twenty seconds of spawn animation and immediately be able to control your Ent or Treebeard.

Of course, their are several drawbacks to this tip. First of all, your Ent will not be able to attack anything for the duration of the "spawn animation". Even though your Ent can move around the map, you cannot attack anything until the twenty second spawn animation is up. The second drawback is, obviously, you will be destroying your Ent Moot in the process. This is the reason that you have to be sure that you do not want to purchase anything else from the Ent Moot for a while before doing this trick.

Despite these two drawbacks, the benefits can be immense. Obviously, the benefit for using this trick is that you save twenty seconds of time! Time is of the essence in a Real Time Strategy game, and any wasted time can be detrimental to your success. In the twenty seconds you save, you can have Treebeard or the Ent walk (or should I say, hover) all the way from your base to the middle ford of Fords of Isen II. You could also use this trick to get out an Ent very quickly when you need one in a hurry, or if you are trying to surprise the opponent with a quick Ent in early game (or a straight-up Ent rush for the foolhardy out there).

All in all, using this trick to skip the Ent spawn animation time can be quite useful in certain situations. It can allow you to spawn a Quickbeam-esque Ent to the field, saving twenty seconds of valuable time. After all, who doesn't want a hasty Ent on their side?

Author: angelsfan

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Angelsfan is the master of all things writing and content at GameReplays.org. He also played a major role in shaping the BFME II portal, and has written extensive guides and tips for the game. If you have any gaming news or topic suggestions for angelsfan, contact him via PM.