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From Zero To Hero

By RanDoM'L0L - 15th May 2017 - 11:26 AM

Hello guys! I would like to welcome all the newcomers as well as the old veterans that have been lured into the BfME2 world, probably thanks to the amazing 1.9 patch that has, after many years been finally released!

This guide will mostly be aimed at the players of little to no experience but perhaps even the good players will find a couple of useful pieces of information to utilize in their own games.

Well then, grab a pen and note the wisdom down!

1) Game on! ...what now ?

It is very essential that you do have some sort of general idea of what you would like to do once the game starts. Doesn't matter whether we are talking 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or some crazy FFA styled games. Generally there are three main options but the better you get the more you will try to squeeze the best out of each and mix it up.

The first is the most straight forward => get a couple of basic tier one units out as fast as possible and lead towards your opponents base to take out some of his RB's. Simple, clean, without any complications involved. Of course the higher leveled players you face the better they get at early defenses and you can get stuck with no real damage done with insufficient amount of your own RB's(Resource Building's) to back up any sort of transition into mid/late game.

The other option is to focus at getting money from any neutral lairs the map provides. This will postpone any pressure you might apply on your rival but will give you some additional resources to access higher tier units or even some early game heroes. If you opt for this style, watch out for the gold thief's as getting creep-jacked can get really frustrating and has the potential to lose you the game with ease.

The third way to play is based around building up your own economy. You get 4 or even 5 RB's and then follow up with higher tier units of choice(Cavalry, Tier two archers, monsters) or even a hero. Playing this style can be very rewarding as if untouched, you may just happen to have twice the amount of RB's your opponent does with more production available. Be aware that dealing with an early aggression might get a little tough from time to time.

Obviously there are many other ways to play but what I am trying to emphasize here is that you need to have an actual plan. Being able to change the plan and shift your game play accordingly will take you some time but once you get there, you can call yourself a good player.

2) I did exactly the same thing like ...

More often than not, people tell me that they watch expert replays and then copy whatever it is they see in the game. As much as I love to hear that people enjoy watching replays, I feel like i have to clarify that watching 20 replays of the highest level players doesn't even come close to playing a couple games yourself in terms of improving.

The issue here is that if you are just to copy play-styles, builds and in game decisions, it can win you a couple of games but you might miss the reasoning behind some of the decisions/builds. I also dare to say that most of the time, the newer players attempt to copy the builds with a huge stress on the word "attempt", which of course might cause issues in clutch early game focused builds that only work with exact timings.

See, if you watch two "pro" players compete, they will both play sharp games in which they "cut corners" build exact amount of stuff for their needs and have some really good micro/macro. If you can not mimic all of that and you still miss the knowledge and control they have, theres no reason to "copy" the replays. It is good to lose because your build sucked, because you will change it the next time. And you will know exactly why you changed it. And in a couple of games you will find yourself play the same way you saw in that Ecthelion vs. Archangel replay but you copied nothing, you just followed your way through some losses and fixed a mistake by mistake ..and that should feel really good.

3) Attention, please!

As in every game, there are resources of several kinds. One of them is the actual "cash", another one is time and finally there is your attention, A.K.A APM(actions per minute). This becomes really important once there are more units on the battlefield and you need to decide where will you spend your time controlling.

Usually the list of priorities goes like this:

1) Macro - RB's production, Unit production, other structures and upgrades
2) Main Army together with high tier hero
3) Smaller army fractions with possibly a harassment hero
4) Singular Cavalry/Run by units harassment
5) Anything else(creeping in mid/late game, getting some towers up on the map etc).

This list is obviously not set in stone and you can shift by your needs at certain times but it's good to keep this at the back of your mind so that your not stuck controlling a single Rohirrim unit for a minute straight, taking down two RB's and missing out on 4 RB's of your own, losing a Boromir and having your archers trampled whilst not producing a single new unit.

4) Money over bitches

Alright, so now lets talk some macro! Everything I am gonna state here really should become your bread and butter if you aim high in terms of game-play.

First off, most of these rules be applicable the more the later the game goes because in the first one to two minutes you have to follow a certain build order and sometimes those tend not to fully correspond with the general macro rules. In any case, you got over your first couple of units, built first couple of RBís, now what?
Build and produce, simply put! You have 300? Get that farm going. Worker inactive even though you have over 300 resources? Probably a mistake, sir.

Not only that the more RBís you build the more cash(for more RBís, of course), you will have but it also provides you with map control. No more sneaky Dwarves emerging out of surprising locations, no more trolls coming to your home uninvited(well, more like unseen but you get the point xD). Moreover if your rival has to spend time and units getting rid of your RBís on the bottom left part of the map, he is probably going to miss some forces on the top right...am I right? Another story is the ratio of RBís to production structures. Doesnít take a scientist to understand that a family of 5 can not live off of one poor garbage manís payment. So canít stables, two raxes and an archery range off two farms. There is no exact rule but generally speaking, if we take level 1 farms placed on 75 + percent, then two farms will be sufficient for one rax, three can supply two raxes, four should be enough to support a rax and stables, with five you can add an archery range and so on ..you get the idea here.

Another truly important this is unit production. This one is actually pretty simple => always produce unless:

a)You are 1000/1000 CP, then itís OK to stop

b)Youíre a couple hundred resources away from either a hero or some sort of expensive unit(Eagle, Drake, Siege unit, Troll etc)

c) You donít have money(hopefully because you spent it on farms and other units). When it comes to Mordor orcs and goblin warriors, it is understandable that you will queue up a couple units in production but with literally any other unit this is a huge NONO.

Queuing units up does nothing but eat up resources that couldíve been used elsewhere so keep that in mind.Always keep an eye on your cash flow. You should try to spend all the money you have as fast as possible and only bank up resources if your saving up for a hero or when youíre maxed out on CP. And even then it is a good idea to upgrade your fortress, units and get some extra production structures, possibly towers.

5) Sexy moves

Micro is something I can teach you the least about via text. That is why I am adjoining the video below so that it is easy to grasp some of these general tips for everyone