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Our First 1.09 Tournament

By Fitton - 26th March 2017 - 17:44 PM

Greetings everyone. With the release of patch 1.09 we here at gamereplays.org feel that it is only fitting we host a tournament to celebrate this great occasion.

It will be a standard 1v1 tournament which, of course, will be played on Patch 1.09. The tournament is scheduled to start at 13:00 GMT and last 3-6 hours on Sunday 2nd April.

Players are free to choose any map from the in-game 1v1 map pool. If both players are unable to agree upon a map to use then they will have to play on the default map, Fords of Isen 2.

A great deal of work has gone into Patch 1.09, improved visuals, sound effects, maps and of course balance. So, tell your friends, old players, any new and existing players, this is the patch to play and let us get the ball rolling on some great activity in Battle for Middle Earth 2.

If you are interested in being a part of this then please check out the link below for more information and details.

Tournament Registration and Rules

We look forward to seeing you there!