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Micro For Rookies Part 1: Basic Unit Keying

By RanDoM'L0L - 28th September 2015 - 09:58 AM

Hello everyone, I would like to share a few tips with those of you who might struggle with micro. I will be releasing one guide per week (hopefully) that will include a video as well. This series will primarily be aimed at players who feel that there is a lot to be desired in terms of their micro skills, or players who would generally like to become better at the game. Hopefully these tips and guides will help you to improve your gameplay.

Basic Unit Keying

In the first episode of this series, I would like to introduce you to some basic unit and structure management habits that are really good to have in any RTS game, particularly BFME 2. There are ten keys on your keyboard that can be used effectively, namely the 0-9 keys.

You can label any structure, unit or hero (even a builder) with one of these number keys by clicking the desired unit, then holding CTRL and pressing the number you would like the unit to be labeled under. Afterwards, whenever you press the number you chose earlier, the unit will be selected. If you double tap the number, your camera will be redirected to the location of the selected unit (or structure).

This method is extremely useful when microing or producing units. It is nearly impossible to harass effectively with more than one battalion of cavalry if you do not label them. It also does help greatly when managing your heroes for example, in the case that you are playing a faction such as Men or Elves, who have many of them. It is always more helpful to select them using the number keys rather than having to click on the icons, which in most cases, is a slower method.

Below is a video showcasing the possibilities of labelling units and structures in-game. Enjoy!

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