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Clanwars Activity and Signup's

By Val` - 27th April 2018 - 13:01 PM

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BFME II Patch 1.09 Clanwars Activity and Signup's

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Greetings folks of Middle Earth,

over the course of the last few months we have seen a large, consistent amount of clanwars games being played, with some statistics below

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January: 502 matches
February: 418 matches
March: 514 matches
April(so far): 606 matches

In terms of consistency of activity this has been a great result. Thanks to everyone who is participating.

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Congratulations to the following players for Gold, Silver and Bronze


Gold: Archangel
Silver: GluterMaster
Bronze: DatRyan

Also congrats to Ech and Scorp for taking gold in Jan & Feb.

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Here are some interesting stats for April for faction win percentages, applicable to the first faction listed. Note, this only takes into account 1v1!

Dwarves Vs Elves : 11%
Dwarves Vs Mordor: 27%
Dwarves Vs Goblins : 56%
Dwarves Vs Mordor: 27%

Elves vs Mordor: 64%
Elves Vs Men: 54%
Elves Vs Goblins: 58%
Elves Vs Isengard: 58%

Men Vs Mordor: 74%
Men Vs Goblins: 52%
Men Vs Isengard: 60%

Isengard Vs Goblins: 50%
Isengard Vs Mordor: 54%

Mordor Vs Goblins: 42%

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Clanwars Admin(s):
Val(currently not active)

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Clanwars Etiquette

There are certain things that cannot be rules, but a healthy clanwars community should strive to meet good ethics to make the user experience pleasant and fair.

- The loosing player should always report with factions

- Reported matches should be reported in order, otherwise our beloved ELO system becomes something worse than what it already is

- Even if rules are now clear about when a game is clanwars, players should make their opponent aware and have their consent to play clanwars

- Every clanwars game should have it's respective rematch. There are variables here beyond control, a players free time, how long games take and so forth. However, when you owe a rematch, always attempt to play it within 48 hours. Ideally, when you begin a clanwars game, if possible allocate enough time for 2 average game lengths.

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