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Seven Day Tournament - Who is Number One?

By Val` - 12th June 2018 - 10:30 AM

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With regard to Jens's recent TOP 10 PLAYERS LIST post, sparking an evergreen wiener-measuring debate among regulars, a logical question arises as how to prove who deserves to be higher on the list and who belongs lower. The details are below for the ultimate tournament to decide, and provide clarity of players nominated in the top ten list. The sooner we get to begin the better, so hurry up with the signing up.

Format: 1v1 Patch: 1.09 Platform: GameRanger

Date: to be yet decided (7 days in June)

Match Rules: All matches are played on neutral host; Random factions; 1000 Starting Resources; 1x Command Point Factor; No Custom Heroes.

Map Pool:
All competitive 1v1 maps (list here)
Basic groups: Every player has the right to pick a map of their choosing.

Registration: Closes at 00:00 (GMT) 15th June 2018
To sign up for the tournament, post your Game Ranger ID and the name you want to play within this thread.

Organisational details (to be specified): Let's say we get 16 players. We split them into four groups of four. Each guy in a group plays two matches against all other dudes, so each guy plays altogether six times. Once all matches have been played, first and second advance to quarterfinals.
All matches have arranged times. You contact a guy from your group and arrange a suitable time for your games with him. If your opponent does not show up, he gets a yellow card. If he does not show up for the second arranged time either, he gets a red card which means you've won both games. Quarterfinals, semifinals and finals follow the standard bracket tournament system.
Players are divided into the groups according to their seeding to make sure four experts don't end up in one group. If we get more than 16 people, groups may consist of more than 4 guys.

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Tournament Admin(s):
Thorin OK-shield (GR ID:1581152)
Luigi (GR ID:7722852)

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Seven Day Tournament

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